Astrology Compatibility Questions Answered

Do you have Astrology Compatibility questions that you’d like answered? The good news is you’re in the right place!

astrological compatibility can help if you’re sizing up a potential hot date or trying to figure your way through an ongoing relationship problem. We’re here to show you how it works !

Most people have an idea about which signs “go together” and which don’t, but there’s more to it than that. While simple Sign compatibility is fairly straightforward, the reality is that your entire chart is important.

Sadly, this is often overlooked…. because your moon sign, ascendant and other personal planets also play a big part.

But to get you started, we’ve simplified it for you!

Here at Astromatcha, we’ve created a guide to astrology compatibility covering all 78 possible Sun sign combinations. This can be a handy and useful starting point for understanding your relationship or even just a friendship.

If there’s something specific about your relationship that you want answered, send your relationship compatibility questions to us. We can’t guarantee a personal response, but we’ll do our best!  Just leave a comment here or after one of our articles, and ask your question.

Astrology Compatibility Questions Answered

How to Answer Your Astrology Compatibility Questions using Synastry Charts

We’d like to hear your observations on the sign compatibility in your relationship. What do you notice about particular star signs? Does your experience match our compatibility article for that sun sign combination, or do you have a different tale to tell?

Feel free to tell us about your personal experiences of a particular sign . Call it a community service – explaining the dynamics of your astrological relationship! You might also help others who are experiencing a similar relationship!

Sometimes people find that their relationship doesn’t work the way you might expect when you look at the sign compatibility between the two partners. For one or both partners, this can be because the sun sign is over-ruled by a stronger part of the chart.

For instance, if you have a fiery Aries Sun, but your ascendant is in Cancer and your Moon in Pisces, you’ll have a much softer and more “water-like” approach to your relationships than would an Aries Sun person with a more fiery or earthy chart.

When you send in your relationship compatibility questions, it helps if you provide your birth details, so that our astrologer can take a peek at your chart in more detail.

We can help answer your Astrology Compatibility Questions

Answering your Astrology Compatibility Questions can help remove relationship doubts

Astrology can’t tell you whether to get married or not, or tell you whether your dearly beloved is having an affair or not. But sign compatibility can help you work out a better way to communicate with each other.  It can show you how to handle your partner’s moods. It can even help spice up your love life and find ways to release anger.

Have You Got specific Astrology Compatibility questions about your relationship?

Understanding how someone ticks is the key to understanding how to love them better.  and while you’re at it, it helps if you properly understand yourself too, and that’s certainly something astrology can help with.

Remember that sun signs alone are just the starting point of relationship astrology.

To get the full picture of a relationship requires a full analysis of both your individual charts.  You then need a detailed synastry chart to really see what is going on between you. Finally, a composite chart tells the story of you as a couple.

It’s the combination of these reports that show you what is happening on all levels of your relationship.

Our Astromatcha astrology compatibility reports offer exactly this level of detail. These reports reveal how you and your partner relate and what your relationship strengths and weaknesses are.

A full set of reports will enable you to go far beyond mere sign compatibility. You’ll understand the complete range of contacts between your charts, including your Moon signs, ascendant signs and all of the other planetary positions which make up a birth chart.

After you get your reports, it’s quite normal to have a million astrology compatibility questions with someone you care about or are interested in, so we’ve created the Astro Love Secrets eCourse if you want to take your understanding of astrology to the next level.


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  1. Hello, I started talking to this guy but I don’t know if its gonna work,like I am a female who is a Pisces and he is a Virgo. And like he’s really sweet but always busy so we barely talk as it is and I don’t even know if he really wants to take it to the next level. Please help me, Thank You. 🙂

    • My Virgo roomate has a pisces partner and she is always saying that she plays the part of being the one who is sort of ditchy as far as hanging out and stuff and often she will boss him around (which sounds like what he might be doing to you?) but my Virgo roomate LOVES her pisces and from what I’ve seen in various Virgo Pisces relationships they seem to be a good match although they’re opposites:) just be patient and let them do their thing while you do your thing and I’m sure your love can and will kindle if mutual attraction occurs:) I am in a relationship with my opposite sign and it is an outstanding one! Good luck!

    • Hi do not worry. Virgos can be hard to read. I am a female pisces dating a workaholic virgo. I really like her. But if you get them some time they will comr out of their shell. Hang in there. They love surprisee and most of all be patient and understanding. Thats what us pisces do anyway.

  2. I’m a libra male being in relationship with Scorpio female.. On June 12th our relationship got worse.. She’s 16 now and I’m 20.. Will we both Marry in future.. I want her truly in my life.!

  3. I am a virgo women with a sagagarious and I find most posting on us and are relationship to make me out to be a home body but in our case I crave adventure travel and freedom and he’s more of the home body although he does require his own space and most other aspects match I’m curious as to why my signs (virgo) seem to stray from my personality

    • Is your Virgo birth-date close to being a libra or a leo? I have heard that if your bday is within days of being a different sign you may have personality traits of those signs! Either way my Virgo roomate is a lover of traveling as well(but she is almost libra) so I don’t think that is out of the ordinary:) do what you love! Don’t let your sign tell you what you can and cannot desire and be

    • I m a Libra women I met a guy who is Scorpio he was just very secretive in such topics he doesn’t want to discuss with me that felt me feel very unbalanced at such levels is there any solution for this

  4. I have met a 57 yr old male Gemini on a dating site. I am a 63yr old female Capricorn. We are 300 miles apart, but, it doesn’t seem to matter to either of us. The first time we talked, it was like we have known each other all our lives. He is a widower and, I, a divorcee. We had each been on that site for only a few days. This just feels so right. Is this just a fluke, or can this be a chance of happiness for the both of us?


  5. Hi Im in love (for last 2yrs) with an amazing pisces man, but he sometimes destablelises me to the point of me getting very teary and emotional,I sometimes feel that he is more virgo than I am and Im the fishes.My DOB is 13/09/1959 (time unknown)and his is 3/03/1960, 6:30am.
    We are a mature age (50’s)couple, I was married for 38 yrs with a gemini who died in 2011, while he has been in temporary relationships since divorcing (16yr marriage) in the 90’s.
    My question is while Im happy hugely so, my lows are massive also…call it midlife crisis if you want to…because he is an extremely magnetic person and so different to my former partner, (he is loving compassion, sexy, considerate), I feel he holds back alot and isnt always honest to the degree which I feel is necessary in a relationship.Dont get me wrong I dont beleive that he lies,but he isnt always entirely open with me.This sounds like a real silly complaint,but it does irk me.
    Can you give me some feedback and any info would be a help.

    • In my experience trying to understand Pisces; I feel that they cannot help but to do what seems like “holding back.” But really they aren’t holding anything back at all it’s more that they just don’t have anything to say. You could almost correlate the word dull with them but that’s not what they are. They may not be extremely deep about all aspects of life but they are very caring, sympathetic, romantic, and desireable. They’re just simply sweet and loving. It’s just the way they are! They’re not holding back. What is your zodiac sign? Look up your compatibility and that might help you better understand how to go about handling your relationship:) hope that helped a bit!

  6. hello i m love with scorpio for 2 months and its going very smooth and romantic….he lives very far away from me but still we love each other….we meet in fb started loving each other…..and i want him to be my future life partner…..i love him a lot……..

  7. Hi my name is Kim and I was born on 2-29 and there’s not one horoscope about Pisces that I have read that does not explain me to down to the letter,I been in 7yr relationship with my scorpio mate,and I been reading more and of scorpio traits not that I needed to read it because he is to the letter is well and more so scary,to see my life written down as I live and this man has turn my emotions thoughts my being in lots of time to hate,the level of control is more than one man should have,jealousy and the suspicious nature to catch me doing something behind is back to the point that any lil conversation my guard is up because I can feel the trick question, and leaves me in rage,so deeply confuse this relationship is the hardest to turn away from, feel like there’s no room to grow if we’re not the same page,is not letting go and holding on to is like he holding on just for attack,we have tooken breaks in the past and desperate need a break or away to break up for good without ill will,or revenge act,how you think I should handle this situation with out causing harm to me or my mate,,

  8. i am in love with a guy who is a libra…we both are good frnds but i wanna know that he loves me or not…sometimes he shows that he likes me n sometimes he is opposite…i dnt hve the courage to ask recently i told him while chatting tht i love him so he replied that love? liking is enough!!..but i want him…Big thing: many girls r after him and maybe he is too after someone!!! but i love him… i cant ask him bcoz if he doesnt like me thn maybe we wont even remain frnds…plz help me up with this…

  9. I am a pisces and my ex is a virgo, we have known each other for a year now, instantly clicked as friends, and always felt there was a pull between us that neither of us voiced till we left school and were away from each other, and then we had a sort of ureka moment, which they didnt act on but I did. After dating for a month and a bit (he was unsure, worried he was too busy for a relationship etc, as usual I just wanted to jump in and let myself fall and not worry) i got him to agree we couldnt let this go. And from then on we were together, he seemed totally besotted with me, willing to make it work, opening up more and more to me, love was never mentioned but I felt it could go that way, and I think he did too. We had a week where he couldnt seem to make time to see me, then before we could see each other again he broke up with me on the phone firstly cause he said he is too busy (which i kinda got) but the real crazy bit for me is that he said that he isn’t attracted to me anymore, despite the last time I saw him seeming the opposite told me i was beautiful, great connection in bed, couldn’t keep his hands off me, looked at me like i was the sun etc. We are still seeing each other as friends, as it’s hard not to, we have such a strong friendship. But I just cannot accept that his feelings changed so quickly and that he no longer has romantic/sexual feelings for me. Which of course is making it impossible to get over him. Every time I think about us and our times together, I don’t see a time where we won’t totally made for each other, into each other in some way. Is he lying cause he worries I won’t accept busyness as an excuse to break up? Is he just freaking out cause he doesn’t feel in control of his life right now and this is his first relationship? Or do I genuinely have to accept he might be the type, and maybe virgos in general to quickly fall out of love/lust. Whilst, my feelings only got stronger and stronger, and am quick to fall in love/lust and pursue it all costs, as a pisces. I’ve never known someone to go from SO into me/falling for me to NOTHING in short amount of time.

  10. I met a guy with the exact same birthday as me, year and day, 29 January 1977, hence both Aquarians! There was a great spark between us. What’s our chances?

  11. hola soy susan y he conosido un chico de acuario yo tengo 37 años y el 27 y bueno es un gran conquistador lo bellos que es el acueriano ughhhh me ipnotiza nose que haser me tiene perdida pero yo soy poco timida trato de esconder mi timidez cuando converso con el, me gusta mucho muchisimo el gusta mucho de mi le encanta cuando hablo me escucha calladamente y me habla de tener sexo conmigo mucho yo nose que haser,soy capricornio chica pero me trae loquita no es la primera vez que me pasa ya antes avia salido con chicos de signo aire como el acuerio me dice hola bella el es irlandes y yo soy peruana vivo en lima y el en dublin ambos somos muy chapado a nuestras cosas pero me entiende mucho me escucha sabe haserlo y yo estoy enamorandome de el,nose quehaser algun consejo como debo actuar frente a el o talvez ser mas sincera nose porfavor ayuda ………. mi email es:[email protected]

  12. Hi iam susan and iam capricorn i have 37 years of age and he is acuarian 27 and iam madly falling for him i dont know what to do i want to tell him how much i love him but i cant he is inteligent and very amazing person he is irish and iam peruvian we are both very different but i still like him we sometimes talking in skype and i know this cant go well he is shy inside and i feel something for him anytime im talking to him i dont know what to do pl someone give me some advice thank you

  13. i met him in a dating wbsite and since then he keep telling amazing words like beuatifull,gorgeous,pretty and god i falling im capricorn and i dont know what to do he is such amazing guy and we always talking about sex and i like to say to him what i like in sex and he loves to say to me what he want in sex and both are crasy to meet soon i ll be in ireland in july and he will wait me he is lovely amazing type guy and i love him so much i thinking so much in him but i know i cant do that because maybe he is only playing games with me pls somebosy help iam the same person who wrote susan

  14. My current partner and I have just started dating and we get along very, very well. I just noticed that her moon is in gemini and ascendant is in cancer, while my moon is in cancer and my ascendant is in gemini. This immediately popped up as being compatible, but how do mirroring moon and ascendant signs interact exactly

  15. I am a gemini girl inlove with a libra guy,I hv known him for 2 months now,I love him and want to be with him forever,but he has a girlfriend dat he has dated for 2 years.he shows me love and care. pls help me to know if is really gonna work out for the two of us.

  16. Hi,I have been struggling for over 3 months to make an aqua man like me.he has done all things what aqua men usually do when having crush but he never admitted it whenever I asked.I am an Aries female.I need help for how to get this man on the right track?

  17. Kindly help.thank you.

  18. I am an Aquarius female, I ma with an Aquarius male. He is a bit older, 35, where I am frankly young..19. Ive never gotten along so well with anyone so smoothly, and I do most people. It’s a natural friendship bond and I didn’t date boys who were my friends. He met someone else recently and whether or not we end up together..I would still like to establish those feelings that we had for each other before moving forward, I had attempted but as I am aware, Aquarians have a difficult time expressing emotion. He struggled and gave up easily, I would just like to know, what would be the best way to go about confronting an Aquarius male? Tips on this situation would be good but in general for any situation is highly appreciated

  19. I’m 44 years old virgo man dating a soon to be 29 year old Pisces women. We like each other a lot. Does it matter about being 15 1/2 years apart when it comes to signs? Is that too many years apart?

  20. Hello, I am a Capricorn man married to a Gemini woman . WE are frequently having problems in our marriage. i am so confused about this relationship. do not know if it will last long. kindly advise what shall i do.

  21. what if the Capricorn man is younger than the pieces woman.
    Are they still compatible.

  22. I like an Aquarius but being a Taurus we are supposed to be the worse compatible signs I know sometimes the worse becomes the best for a relationship I feel this man is my soulmate is there anyway I can find out he and I have not met in person .

  23. I m male scorpio nd i love Libra girl she also loves me but love happens in only short time .its my 4th year with her..but we are together.. still

  24. Wow, thank you so much for this. I think I am highly compatible with my partner, but that’s not going to get us married, only my decisions will!

  25. hello.
    Im a 15 year old Taurus girl, and I have a crush on a 17 year old Pisces guy. We’re friends and I wanted to know if I could have shot at having a relationship with him? I know that I’ll be a minor once he goes off to college, which I wanted to know if I should confess to him now in person or should I just wait and go to the same college as him?

  26. Hello,I’m a Taurus female and I’m in love with a Taurus male.We are good friends but I just want to know that whether he loves me or not and I don’t have that courage to ask him coz if I’ll do so.I’m afraid that he’ll fight with me and we’ll no longer be friends
    Many girls are after him and I think he also has a girlfriend! But I really live him..pliz help me out with this

  27. I’m Virgo sun Leo moon cancer rising mars in libra Venus Virgo mercury virgo how compatible am I with a man who is libra sun Gemini moon Aries rising mars Leo Venus libra mercury Scorpio ? Anyone?

  28. Hey,
    This is a great post! Learning about astrology compatibility is so interesting! I’m glad that you pointed out that astrology is not the ultimate deciding factor in a relationship. However, it is good to consider how these personality types can affect you. I wonder if there is any business funding for more astrology research.

  29. Am a “cancer born ♋” and am in love with this “Gemini ♊” girl. she loves me too, but she easily get angry with me tho I don’t know when I annoys her…

    am 20 but she is 21..I made mistake and told her that I am her mate_ that’s am 21 yrs old.

    we started to love each other, play like kids, visit each other, cook with each other and so on…. until I remembered that I lied(not that I lied to her but I answered so fast there by making a terrible mistake) to her about my age, so I decided to tell her the truth, that I am not her age mate that am 20 yrs old… immediately I said that not less than 2mins she replied back saying that she is sorry that she wants to tell me something….so I said ok…now she asked me how will I feel if she takes me as an ordinary person_ that she won’t come close to me again, that she won’t be friendly to me again just to erase my fear. then I replied….”I won’t bear the pain”…so I decided to ask her why she said that she wish she can tell me so I thought it was because of what I told her concerning my real age that brought the sad I replied back saying “I know it is because I told u my real age that’s why you want to do this”

    the next thing was…..

    -age is nothing in friendship..(which I know well but just wanted to tell her the truth on time before things became worst)
    -and she also said many things that I can list here…

    infact now she is not replying my text…. telling me never to visit her again. and the worst is that next week being 7th June is her birthday and she said I should never buy any gift again for her

    the one that breaks my heart is.. ” I hate you…I will do everything with my powers to avoid you”

    and I told her that I won’t like it seeing her sad… Even if she hates me..but just try and be happy.

    please what again should I do….I really love her with passion..and am afraid of what will happen next to me…

    I will be very grateful if you reply me fast…. thanks

  30. Thank you for lifting my spirit.
    I’m a Leo august 18 and am madly in love with an angel, who is Gemini June 3, the relationship would be 13 years this October, I love her so much and I dong wanna loose her, distance has been the definition of our misunderstanding over time, I am working on our coming together. Pls what can I do to make this little remaining time count, pls what can I do to make her confident in me for I once failed her, and that impression lives in her. Pls I will be appreciative. Thanks in anticipation. I so much love her


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