Astrology Compatibility Questions Answered

Do you have Astrology Compatibility questions that you’d like answered? The good news is you’re in the right place!

astrological compatibility can help if you’re sizing up a potential hot date or trying to figure your way through an ongoing relationship problem. We’re here to show you how it works !

Most people have an idea about which signs “go together” and which don’t, but there’s more to it than that. While simple Sign compatibility is fairly straightforward, the reality is that your entire chart is important.

Sadly, this is often overlooked…. because your moon sign, ascendant and other personal planets also play a big part.

But to get you started, we’ve simplified it for you!

Here at Astromatcha, we’ve created a guide to astrology compatibility covering all 78 possible Sun sign combinations. This can be a handy and useful starting point for understanding your relationship or even just a friendship.

If there’s something specific about your relationship that you want answered, send your relationship compatibility questions to us. We can’t guarantee a personal response, but we’ll do our best!  Just leave a comment here or after one of our articles, and ask your question.

Astrology Compatibility Questions Answered
How to Answer Your Astrology Compatibility Questions using Synastry Charts

We’d like to hear your observations on the sign compatibility in your relationship. What do you notice about particular star signs? Does your experience match our compatibility article for that sun sign combination, or do you have a different tale to tell?

Feel free to tell us about your personal experiences of a particular sign . Call it a community service – explaining the dynamics of your astrological relationship! You might also help others who are experiencing a similar relationship!

Sometimes people find that their relationship doesn’t work the way you might expect when you look at the sign compatibility between the two partners. For one or both partners, this can be because the sun sign is over-ruled by a stronger part of the chart.

For instance, if you have a fiery Aries Sun, but your ascendant is in Cancer and your Moon in Pisces, you’ll have a much softer and more “water-like” approach to your relationships than would an Aries Sun person with a more fiery or earthy chart.

When you send in your relationship compatibility questions, it helps if you provide your birth details, so that our astrologer can take a peek at your chart in more detail.

We can help answer your Astrology Compatibility Questions
Answering your Astrology Compatibility Questions can help remove relationship doubts

Astrology can’t tell you whether to get married or not, or tell you whether your dearly beloved is having an affair or not. But sign compatibility can help you work out a better way to communicate with each other.  It can show you how to handle your partner’s moods. It can even help spice up your love life and find ways to release anger.

Have You Got specific Astrology Compatibility questions about your relationship?

Understanding how someone ticks is the key to understanding how to love them better.  and while you’re at it, it helps if you properly understand yourself too, and that’s certainly something astrology can help with.

Remember that sun signs alone are just the starting point of relationship astrology.

To get the full picture of a relationship requires a full analysis of both your individual charts.  You then need a detailed synastry chart to really see what is going on between you. Finally, a composite chart tells the story of you as a couple.

It’s the combination of these reports that show you what is happening on all levels of your relationship.

Our Astromatcha astrology compatibility reports offer exactly this level of detail. These reports reveal how you and your partner relate and what your relationship strengths and weaknesses are.

A full set of reports will enable you to go far beyond mere sign compatibility. You’ll understand the complete range of contacts between your charts, including your Moon signs, ascendant signs and all of the other planetary positions which make up a birth chart.

After you get your reports, it’s quite normal to have a million astrology compatibility questions with someone you care about or are interested in, so we’ve created the Astro Love Secrets eCourse if you want to take your understanding of astrology to the next level.


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