Advanced Astrology Compatibility Techniques: Transposed Houses

Zodiac sign compatibility is a fascinating and fun way to find out about relationships and potential partners, but real synastry goes far beyond this.

If you’re interested in learning more about astrology compatibility, or if you buy an Astromatcha relationship compatibility report, one of the major techniques you’ll encounter is transposed houses – a very illuminating way of finding out how your and your partner’s astrological energies blend.

Transposed houses is the technical term for what happens when we overlay one partner’s birth chart on top of the other. Imagine a big circle with your own birth chart in the middle. An astrologer will then plot all your partner’s planets, angles and other astrological “stuff” around the outside of your own birth chart wheel.

Say his Moon was at 23 degrees Virgo, which was in his 4th house (family). In your chart, 23 degrees Virgo might fall in your 10th house (career), so we would say that his Moon is in your 10th house.

There are endless permutations here, but the main point to grasp is that we’re looking at how his planetary positions affect you, instead of how they affect him. Zodiac sign compatibility becomes less important in transposed houses, because it’s the planetary energies we’re looking at, not the signs themselves.

What’s the point? Well, this technique shows an astrologer what “pull” or “effect” your partner has on you on a daily basis. Daily horoscopes are worked out by comparing the daily movement of the planets against your own birth chart; transposed houses work a little bit like that, except that your partner’s birth chart acts as a constant, fixed effect on your own chart.

This allows us to get into a huge amount more details about your relationship than we could find from just looking at a particular zodiac sign. Compatibility is such a complex affair and works on many different levels – transposed houses is a very common synastry technique and offers an enormous amount of useful information about how each couple experiences the other.

Although transposed houses moves far beyond simple zodiac sign compatibility, there is still a lot to learn from where your Sun is in your partner’s chart, and vice versa.

Where your Sun falls will indicate where you bring light, joy and illumination to your partner. If your Sun falls into his or her 10th house (career), for instance, this indicates that you are a powerful force behind his or her ambitions. If your Sun falls in your partner’s 6th house (routines and health), perhaps you are the one encouraging your lover to take better care of themselves or to be more organized.

Where your Moons lie in each other’s charts is also very important. The transposed Moon usually indicates an area of life in which our partner feels dependent upon us.

If your Moon falls in your partner’s 2nd house (money, security), they probably rely on you for financial and emotional security, whereas if your Moon falls in their 5th house (creativity, pleasure) they probably see you as the one who can be relied upon to cheer them up and inspire them.

As you can see, this technique puts a new light on zodiac sign compatibility as even the most incompatible relationships, sun sign wise, may well have amazingly good links between the two charts when you look at the transposed houses.

In a full relationship compatibility report like the ones we offer here at Astromatcha, your transposed houses will be analysed in full, with each planet and astrological point considered both in your own chart and transposed in your lover’s chart.

It’s a fascinating way to get to understand the dynamics of your relationship better, and is particularly good at revealing your unspoken and unconscious roles in your relationship, and the patterns, both good and bad, that you have both fallen into. For a new take on zodiac sign compatibility, order a full report today, or ask our astrologer if you have questions about astrology compatibility or transposed houses.

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