Lunar Transits and Your Relationship: Part 2 of Lady Love’s Journey

In a previous article, we examined the different love moods of the Moon as it travels around the zodiac each month, and touched on how the first six Moons of the zodiac can affect your astrological sign compatibility. The angles made between the Moon and your chart as the Moon moves are called lunar transits, and they’re an interesting part of any future compatibility forecast. Let’s look at the second set of six zodiac signs and see how the lunar transits from each can affect your love life.

Moon in Libra

The Libra Moon heralds a romantic but indecisive few days for you and your partner. Expect some frustrations if either of you is the type who likes to have things planned out, but it’s a great time for companionship, and for expressing difficult feelings with tact and generosity of spirit. Emotional insecurities can kick in though, so be ready with plenty of reassuring cuddles to keep your astrological sign compatibility ticking over.

Moon in Scorpio

Secrets and lies, anyone? When the Moon is in Scorpio, anything hidden tends to surface, like it or not. This most affects water sign people, but holds true for pretty much any astrological sign. Compatibility under a Scorpio Moon is all about sexual power and intensity. Expect lots of jealousy and lots of turbulent emotions, but on the plus side your psychic intuition is strengthened now, so you have a better understanding of your partner.

Moon in Sagittarius

This is a very friendly, gregarious and optimistic Moon. When the Moon’s in Sagittarius, your sex life will be vibrant and passionate, and astrological sign compatibility for all couples is spiced with a little something extra. If you can use these days to work together on an idealistic future plan, you’ll both gain a lot from the experience.

Moon in Capricorn

Moon in Capricorn is very much a getting things done time. This is when couples can tie up loose ends, attend to the daily nitty gritty of life and further their joint ambitions. Although ticking things off the to-do list is great for your joint astrological sign compatibility, watch out for some emotional aloofness here too. It’s not exactly hearts on sleeve time.

Moon in Aquarius

During an Aquarius Moon, the emotional detachment which began under the Capricorn Moon intensifies, and each partner will now feel slightly at odds with their feelings. Your individual personalities are more distinct under this Moon than at any other time, so it’s a time for pursuing your own interests rather than focusing on your partner. Astrological sign compatibility under an Aquarius Moon is more about friendship than romance.

Moon in Pisces

The sensitive, compassionate Pisces Moon is a deeply romantic time. During this Moon, you and your partner will increase your astrological sign compatibility in terms of spirituality, intuition and mutual understanding. Enjoy a romantic bubble while it lasts and shut yourselves away from everyone but each other. Be aware, though, that one of you could be wearing extremely rose tinted glasses under this influence.

To make a proper compatibility forecast requires the full birth chart of both partners, so this is just a general guide to the Moon’s love moods. If you’re interested in getting the full picture, order one of personalised compatibility reports today!

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