More On the Astrological Compatibility of Neighbouring Zodiac Signs

In a previous article, we talked about how neighbouring zodiac signs have karmic “teacher-pupil” links which can over-ride the basic elemental incompatibility between neighbouring signs. In this article, let’s see how that works with two more examples, this time Pisces/Aries compatibility and Virgo/Libra compatibility.

Pisces/Aries compatibility means getting to grips with a water-fire blend of elements. This is a tricky elemental combination, which tends to go to one of two extremes. When you mix water and fire, you get steam, and this can be a steamy, sexy and sensual relationship indeed. However, fire dries out water, and of course, water can put out fire. Using Pisces/Aries compatibility as an example, it’s easy to see how and why these two signs might instinctively either fear or respect one another. Subconsciously, each is aware of the dangers the other poses to their very being.

At first glance, then, not a particularly promising match for Pisces/Aries compatibility. However, let’s factor in the teacher-pupil link. In this scenario, it’s Pisces who must learn from Aries – remember how in the previous article, when we talked about Aries/Taurus compatibility, it was Aries learning from Taurus? Now it’s Aries’ turn to be the teacher. What does Aries teach Pisces? Well, for a start, Aries teaches Pisces courage and gives them the will and the bravery to face the real world. That’s pretty important for the oh, so sensitive soul which is Pisces. It’s Aries’ job to show Pisces how to balance reality and illusion.

The reason that we think neighbouring signs have this kind of karmic link is because the zodiac as a whole is thought to represent the evolution of the human psyche. Each sign has effectively “been through” the stage before it, and so has mastered those lessons and has compassion for the preceding sign who is still learning them. For Pisces/Aries compatibility, coming as they do at the end and beginning of this cycle, this is the point where the cycle starts over. If you think of Aries as the newborn and of Pisces as the fully evolved spiritual self – in the Pisces/Aries relationship, we see rebirth, regeneration and the joys of a new life in this karmic relationship.

Virgo/Libra compatibility is an earth-air combination. Just like the other neighbouring zodiac signs we have looked at, this isn’t a natural elemental pairing. Earth is solid, still, and stable. Air, on the other hand, is constantly moving as wind, a breeze, a storm. Earth tends to remain oblivious to and untouched by air until a dust storm hits – there is a fundamental disconnect in the way these two view the world. But when you factor in the teacher-pupil link, does that improve the chances for Virgo and Libra to fall in love?

Yes, it does. Libra is the teacher in this relationship, and has the job of showing Virgo how to relax, how to see beauty in everything, and how to let go of some of Virgo’s overly perfectionist ideals. For uptight, worrisome Virgo, this can be a real revelation. Meanwhile, sociable, charming, urbane Libra is highly tolerant and understanding of Virgo’s shyness and social diffidence – much more so than Libra tends to be of similar reclusiveness in a Scorpio or a Cancer, for instance. Just like the Pisces/Aries compatibility discussed above, Virgo/Libra compatibility works because of this mutual respect and understanding, brought about by the karmic links between neighbouring zodiac signs.

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