Mutable Sign Compatibility: All Things to All People

The mutable signs of the zodiac – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces – are flexible, adaptable signs, capable of changing easily to fit in with a partner’s views, wishes or needs. A healthy dose of mutability is always a good thing to find in a couple’s compatibility charts, as it indicates that compromises should be easy to reach, but how can the mutable signs ensure that they don’t always end up giving in to their partners? Sun signs are just part of your horoscope; love sign compatibility is more complex than this in reality, but examining how mutable signs maintain their independence offers a good insight into the practicalities of these relationships.

The first mutable sign, Gemini, is an air sign, and it’s this air quality which helps to stop Gemini becoming a doormat in a relationship. Gemini is a supremely rational and intellectual sign, and will talk his or her way to a compromise skilfully (and endlessly) until she is happy that she hasn’t given away too much. It helps that Gemini is great at seeing both sides of any given situation, because that equips the Gemini lover with enough insight to know how far they can push their point of view, and when giving in really is the right thing to do. Compatibility charts with a lot of Gemini in them often belong to relationships where every last detail of a problem is aired and talked through at great length.

The second mutable sign, Virgo, is an earth sign. Here again, it’s the elemental qualities of the sign which help stop Virgo becoming downtrodden in a relationship with a “stronger” fixed or cardinal sign. Virgo’s strength is a huge helping of common sense, coupled with a genuine desire to take care of others. In an argument or difficult situation, your Virgo lover instinctively knows what the sensible solution is, and won’t selfishly hurt a partner in order to get their own way – but nor will they let their partner off the hook entirely, either. Virgo’s infamously critical nature will probably wound his or her partner with some sharp words, as a warning shot not to get into this situation again, before soothing the situation and making everything alright with practical solutions. Compatibility charts with lots of Virgo in them are often seen in relationships where the Virgo partner is able to get the couple out of trouble through meticulously detailed plans of action.

Next, we come to Sagittarius, the third mutable sign, and a fire sign. As quite a brash and confident sign, we don’t tend to imagine Sagittarius doing much in the way of compromise, but you’d be surprised. The Sagittarius way is not to give in, but to forge a whole new path for the partnership – a third way, if you like. Sagittarius has tremendous vision and will think outside the box to come up with a creative solution to a disagreement or impasse. In compatibility charts with lots of Sagittarius influence, mutability means change for both partners – or else.

The final mutable sign is Pisces, a water sign. Pisces expresses mutability in perhaps its purest form – think of water taking the shape of any container. Pisces is impressionable, easily led and eager to avoid conflict, so of all the mutable signs this is the one most likely to literally give in – at least, that might be the way Pisces’ partner sees it if they are ruthless and consider Pisces a soft touch. In truth, however, Pisces strength lies in their willingness to be flexible, to try new things and to explore the unknown. What some people may exploit as a weakness is actually something which helps your Pisces lover survive and thrive in situations other would give up upon. Don’t underestimate compatibility charts with lots of Pisces influence, because they have more staying power than you might think!

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