Top 3 Questions Asked About Astrology Compatibility

We’re all fascinated by compatibility in relationships, but out of all the questions astrologers are asked about astrological compatibility, three stand out as being asked time and time again. Here’s a quick run down of the three most popular synastry questions, and their answers.

1 – Is It True That Some Sun Sign Combinations are More Compatible Than Others?

Yes. And No. The key thing to understand is that there is so much more to astrology than just sun signs. Everyone has a full birth chart, in which all of the planets and all of the signs are represented somewhere, it’s this full, unique birth chart which must be compared against your partner’s full birth chart in order to determine compatibility. It’s not as simple as horoscope compatibility, I’m afraid. Compatibility in relationships is as complex as we humans are, and your sun sign may not even be the most significant part of your birth chart. The only way to properly understand a relationship is to have a full astrological compatibility report done, based on each partner’s full birth chart.

Having said that, it is broadly true that some sun sign energies relate better to some others. Very, very broadly speaking, sun signs belonging to the same element (fire, earth, air or water) get along well, and fire and air signs get along well, and earth and water signs get along well. All this getting along well is all very…well….but really it just relates to how we instantly click with someone as a friend or colleague. It has very little to do with love, and compatibility in relationships is perfectly possible between two people with any and all of the 78 sun sign combinations.

2 – Can You Tell Me Who/When I’m Going to Marry?

Nope. Absolutely not. Astrology isn’t a prediction service, and your own free will will determine who you marry and when (or indeed, whether). Astrologers do not mind read, and cannot claim to have infallible insight into your compatibility in relationships. What we can do, however, is to look at your birth chart and assess how you as a person express love, what attracts you, what repels you, and what kind of relationship you need and want (not always the same thing). Using a professional astrological compatibility report, we can compare your birth chart with your partner’s and examine the hundreds of different points of contact between the two of you, and then determine where the strengths and weaknesses of your relationship lie.

An astrologer can’t tell you to marry X or to not marry X, and you should run a mile from anyone who tries to tell you that. Compatibility in relationships is too important to be left to an astrologer who doesn’t know you both personally – it’s your decision, not anyone else’s!

3 – If There Are A Lot of Bad Aspects Between Our Two Charts, Does That Mean the Relationship is Doomed?

No. It does, however, mean that you’re in for an interesting ride. Couples who share a ton of harmonious links between their charts might seem to have an easier time in their relationships, but very often those relationships come and go, or the couple simply drifts apart. We humans are hard wired to seek challenge, it seems, and we bore easily of relationships where everything is too easy. We need a spark, a special magical kind of tension, in order to keep us in a relationship and to keep us trying. Contrary to popular belief, compatibility in relationships is not directly proportionate to how “good” or “bad” the compatibility chart is. Many couples with quite challenging charts stay the distance, and most astrologers will tell you that these can be some of the most mutually loving and rewarding relationships of all, despite the fights. Once again, the only way to gain a full understanding of your relationship is via a professional astrological compatibility report, which can fully explain all the nuances between your two charts, and what they mean for you and for your partner.

Do you have other astrology compatibility questions? You’re welcome to ask our astrologer. For a complete picture of your personal relationship, an Astromatcha astrological compatibility report will answer all of your questions and will fully explain the detailed analysis of both of your birth charts – think of it as an investment in your relationship!

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  1. Im an arian woman, in love with a cancer. We’re both in happy marriages . However we knew each other from the past, some 22yrs ago. I know that we were never compatible for marriage but what about a soul connection, cos I have strong emotional feelings for this guy. He also admitted loving me too now but most especially all those years ago. I love him so much.its ok about not being with him physically ,I just want yo know if we have a higher connection. Atleast that would give me peace of mind.

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