Aquarius and Leo Compatibility: The Visionary and the Royal

What do you get when innovation meets passion and both partners possess huge amounts of determination? Aquarius and Leo compatibility is pretty strong, not only in romance but in business too – this is a partnership where ideas become realities and where both partners thrive on the respect and admiration of the other. There is a strong basis for friendship, which is important in any long term relationship, because it gives you something to fall back on when you hit a romantic blip. If you are, first and foremost, great friends, you’ll always do your best to make your love work.

Aquarius and Leo are both fixed signs, and both possess a tremendous amount of willpower and personal magnetism. Although both are stubborn, they each possess the pragmatism to make concessions when necessary, which is helpful for Aquarius and Leo compatibility overall. Both are the sort of people you notice in a crowded room, albeit for very different reasons – Leo will be working the room regally, while Aquarius will be the eccentric in the corner – and it’s a sure bet that when these two notice one another they’ll be intrigued by what they see. Superficially, both have very different requirements in love – whereas to be adored is a real priority for a Leo, Aquarius compatibility is a more intellectual affair. However, in many ways the two signs complement one another.

Leo will be fascinated by Aquarius’ ideas, vision and inspiration, and bowled over by the Aquarian air of nonchalance about being “different”. Perhaps initially Leo will want to “collect” Aquarius, rather like the way one collects an interesting and unusual rock, but Leo will soon discover an attraction to Aquarius that runs much deeper than this. Aquarius, for his or her part, will be charmed by Leo (aren’t we all?) and will admire Leo’s easy grace, social skills and dignity. Aquarius and Leo compatibility works well in the initial attraction stages because both people are drawn to what they don’t possess, but find in the other. Leo is drawn to the uniqueness of Aquarius; Aquarius is drawn to the warmth of Leo.

Conversation will certainly be interesting between these two, and there’s a meeting of minds for sure. It’s not just about mental romance, though – there’s plenty of physical romance to be hand when it comes to Aquarius and Leo compatibility. As Leo passion engulfs Aquarius and warms up the aloof air sign a little, there will be a meeting of more than just minds in an interesting and slightly kinky love life too – well, Aquarius is an experimental sign, and Leo’s not averse to taking a risk either! Many an interesting bedroom tale can be told by a partnership of Leo/Aquarius! Compatibility on day to day issues is good too, as this partnership will broadly agree on matters like money management, family life, health and so forth.

The biggest potential problem for Aquarius and Leo compatibility is when Leo decides to play the royalty card and begins to demand adoration and attention at a level Aquarius is not prepared to give. Aquarius is a highly independent sign, remember, and tends to neither give nor expect this kind of devotion. Most Leos know when they’re on to a winner, though, and will make allowances for Aquarius simply because they’re so besotted with the Aquarian genius – but if a Leo gets too demanding, it will be Aquarius who calls time on this partnership.

Fire signs like Leo benefit hugely from air signs like Aquarius because fire needs air in order to burn properly. Note that air doesn’t need fire, however, which gives you another clue as to who holds the real power in this match. When the relationship is going well, Aquarius and Leo compatibility will be a joy to behold: loving, creative and definitely ahead of its time. It’s also a powerful partnership if you hold shared goals, because with Aquarius providing the vision and Leo providing the tools to turn that into reality, anything is possible. Among the various star sign compatibility combinations, this is one from which we can expect great things.

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