Aquarius Man

The typical Aquarius man is a little bit geeky, a little bit odd and a lot fascinating. He’s very “different” in some way, or slightly eccentric, and attracts a lot of attention for that reason. He is usually tall and strongly built, but not very athletic – he doesn’t really see the point in sports. Very sociable and gregarious, he’s a friendly being and you’re highly likely to meet him as a friend first and foremost. Aquarians find dating awkward in the extreme, so he’s probably not looking for love, as such. For the Aquarius man, compatibility is therefore a somewhat hit and miss affair!


Freedom and Independenceaquarius-man-compatibility

If truth be told, he’s not really sure what he’s looking for in his partner, but he reckons he’ll know it when he finds it. The Aquarius man therefore typically goes through a whole bunch of slightly weird relationships, most of which are obviously never going to work out – then finally, one day, he hits gold and finds the right woman. Or, more likely, she finds him. And what is she like? For the Aquarius man, compatibility absolutely has to equate to freedom, so she is highly independent, just like him.

The ideal match for the Aquarius man is also an ideas person and an intellectual. He loves to debate and his ideas are way ahead of their time – he’ll be in heaven if you can match that. He is a humanitarian through and through, and it’s important to him that his partner be kind, giving and holistically minded. Aquarius man compatibility is often based more on these kinds of humanitarian qualities than on passion. It’s not that he’s not a sexual being – he enjoys sex, of course, but it’s never higher on his priority list than either friendship or intellect.


Reason Rather Than Romance

The typical Aquarius man is actually rather afraid of his deepest feelings and will try to rationalize them out of existence. This means that he’s not very romantic, and isn’t going to declare undying love. He’ll probably awkwardly tell you that he loves you, once, and then think that’s said for the next decade or so. It’s important for Aquarius man compatibility that his partner not be the needy type who needs constant reassurance – because she isn’t going to get it.

aquarius-male-compatibilityNot surprisingly, given his love of freedom, the Aquarius man is not one to rush into a commitment. He may never get married, even if he’s in love, as a point of principle. He may not even want to move in with his partner – he figures it’s healthiest for both of them if they continue to live independently, as much as he loves their time together. If you’re in love with an Aquarius guy, this inability to commit may drive you insane, but if you truly have Aquarius man compatibility, you’ll smile ruefully and accept that it’s just his way. He does love you; he just doesn’t want to be attached at the hip.

Although he lacks commitment, the Aquarius man doesn’t lack morals. He is usually faithful for the duration of a relationship, but has no qualms about enjoying casual sex in between relationships. When a relationship is going well, he is an amazingly interesting partner, always coming up with new ways to spend time together, and always kind to his partner. If he senses that a relationship is over, he will call time on it straight away, without fuss or drama, but with a plea to remain friends. After all, Aquarius man compatibility is all about friendship on many different levels, and he sees no reason why he can’t remain good friends will all of his (many) exes.

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