Aries and Sagittarius Compatibility: The Hero and the Adventurer

When the zodiac’s Hero and Adventurer get together, it’s pretty clear that it’s going to be an exciting relationship. As in real life, astrology compatibility depends a lot upon the couple sharing similar (or at least complementary) styles, emotions and interests, and with this star sign match that’s certainly happening. Aries and Sagittarius compatibility is very strong indeed, and even if not lovers this couple can be terrific friends, colleagues or family members.

The major point of attraction between these two is their shared love of adventure and excitement. Aries is a pioneer and a leader, journeying where others fear to tread, while Sagittarius is all about new horizons, new experience and a search for truth and justice. With Aries and Sagittarius, compatibility of word, thought and deed is never far off, but don’t expect this couple to settle down into a traditional suburban lifestyle. Both hate to be trapped by what is expected of them, so the couple may sacrifice the comfortable lifestyle in order to be free to be themselves – which is fine, so long as it’s a joint decision.

A strong, instant, mutual attraction is likely when this couple meet. Even if they don’t fall in love straight away, they will both recognise a fellow journeyer when they see one, and many interesting conversations will ensue. These two signs understand one another on a fundamental level. They are interested in the same things, bored by the same things, fascinated by the same things – and fascinated by each other. Both fire signs (and easily mixed up by the non-astrologer!) both signs are bursting with life and energy. For Aries and Sagittarius, compatibility with all that fire makes for a hot, hot, hot relationship, with both being highly sexed and uninhibited. However, while it’s all about sexual freedom for Sagittarius, Aries compatibility is more selfishly based, meaning that Aries can and will feel jealous if Sagittarius takes “free love” a little too literally and flirts too much.

It’s this slight twinge of jealousy from Aries which is one of the only potential stumbling blocks in this otherwise highly successful relationship. Sagittarius is ever the free spirit and won’t take kindly to controlling vibes from Aries – and will therefore flirt even harder, even if they don’t mean anything by it, just to make a point. The other possible issue for Aries and Sagittarius compatibility is a more intellectual one. Sagittarius is a quester, forever seeking answers, and is the most philosophical of all signs. The Sagittarius partner will want to debate life, the universe and everything, while the Aries partner will want to “win” the discussions. Where there are no known answers – the favourite Sagittarian discussion material – it’s hard for anyone to win, which will irritate and frustrate Aries.

These are relatively minor niggles, however, in a relationship which overall has a very good chance of longevity. Being fire signs, both Sagittarius and Aries are quick to forgive and forget, so arguments won’t fester; the sheer energy and exuberance of this couple will quickly sweep away any resentments too, so there will always be something fresh to look forward to. There’s a constant renewal of romance going on, which is highly refreshing. Aries and Sagittarius compatibility is actually higher than you might expect, given that neither sign is particularly known for its willingness to commit – but Aries will commit before Sagittarius does.

With an active, engaging mutual social life, many shared interests, a healthy sex life and a knack for getting into trouble of the most interesting kind, this partnership will never be boring or dull. For Aries and Sagittarius, compatibility is instinctive, and these two fire signs can brew up a firestorm which is as invigorating as it is positive. Equally robust in personalities, they don’t really hurt one another even with their wildest tempers, so although rows may appear dramatic to outsiders, these two can laugh them off. For the lucky Sagittarius, Aries compatibility levels are pretty much as strong as they get; for the fortunate Aries, Sagittarius is willing to offer you their much cherished freedom – what more could you want?

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