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The typical Aries woman has a strong and athletic build, and takes great care of her health, her fitness and her personal appearance. Often her hair is very noticeable or one of the most striking elements of her style. She is highly energetic and always on the go.


Her Own Womanaries-woman-compatibility

A confident and self-assured woman, the Aries female needs no permission from anyone to display her femininity, and she will dress provocatively when she feels like it. On the other hand, she will also wear power business suits and sophisticated evening gowns – her sense of fashion is strong and she is adept at wearing clothes which match the impression she wants to make.

Just like her male counterpart, the Aries woman wants to win. She is very competitive by nature, and that includes in love. Once she has set her heart on a partner, she will do everything in her power to win him. She has such drive and determination that she almost always gets what she wants, in the end, and she can turn on the charm when she needs to in order to wrap men around her little finger.

When it comes to astrological compatibility, the Aries woman expects total fidelity from her partner. She herself is loyal and faithful, but she will flirt and play games when she wants to – the important thing to understand is that it’s just an act, and she has no intention of actually following through with an affair.


aries-female-compatibilityAlpha Female

With a strong sex drive and plenty of passion, the Aries woman likes to take the lead in the bedroom, and needs a partner who is willing to be adventurous. She expects her partner to offer her his full respect at all times, and she can be quite domineering. Many a partner of an Aries female will end up feeling hen-pecked or put upon, but many more will be entranced by this strong, alpha female.

If you’re in a relationship with an Aries woman, it’s important to understand her need to prove herself in what is still a male dominated world. She will go after the most difficult promotions at work, especially in a male environment, and wants her partner to support her fully in this – don’t ever patronize your Aries woman, or display sexism in any shape or form.

Boredom and routines are problematic for Aries female compatibility. If she feels bored in a relationship, discontent will quickly set in. The best partner for an Aries women is someone who is spontaneous, imaginative and flexible, and who is confident enough in their own right not to be undermined by her need to assert herself constantly. Being ruled by Mars, she has a furious temper and doesn’t really care who sees it, so she is not necessarily the best partner for anyone who is worried about dignity, or about what the neighbours may think!

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