Cancer Man

Sensitive, caring and devoted to his family, surely the Cancer man is every woman’s dream? Well, yes – and no. This deeply emotional soul has a massive amount of love to give, but he also comes with his own set of quirks and issues. Cancer man compatibility is not always straightforward, and he needs a partner who can encourage him to grow and to step out of his comfort zone.


The Protective Instinctcancer-man-compatibility

The Cancer man is noticeable for his very expressive face. He has a hard time hiding his emotions, physically, and you will be able to tell his mood at a glance. He is extremely kind and compassionate, and also very protective of those he loves. Although normally with a quiet demeanor, he roars into action when a loved one is threatened and will do absolutely anything for those he loves. For a Cancer man, compatibility is everything; his heart and soul depend up on having that close knit bond of love.

Once you get to know your Cancer man, you’ll soon realise that he’s a worrier. He worries about everything, from whether his alarm clock will go off in the morning to whether an asteroid will hit his home town. Some of his worries are so deep-seated, or conversely so vague, that there’s little you can do to help him with this – but Cancer man compatibility does work best with a grounded, sensible partner who won’t inflame his anxiety any further.

He is also extremely moody, switching from happiness to anger and back again before his partner knows what’s happening. He rarely makes the first move in love, and may have to be courted in quite an old fashioned way. The Cancer man’s sensitivity can become an issue when he reacts negatively to criticism, but most of the time he is a born romantic. Anyone hoping for Cancer man compatibility could do worse than buy him flowers and write him a poem – he’s a sucker for all things soppy.


cancer-male-compatibilityFamily is Everything

Once in a relationship, the Cancer man would like his partner to mother him. He is a traditionalist at heart, but he’s not a misogynist and will happily pitch in to help with the chores. He himself is tidy, a great cook and a fantastic parent; in fact, if circumstances suit, he is very content to be a house-husband if his partner earns more than he could. Cancer man compatibility does not depend on any outdated alpha male stereotypes.

A family man through and through, the Cancer man is at his happiest when there are children around. He works very hard to support his family in whatever way he can, and is utterly devoted to them. He would never dream of infidelity, simply because it would threaten all that he holds dear. It follows, therefore, that Cancer man compatibility does not work well with an overly flirtatious woman or a woman who doesn’t put her family first. He can be a very jealous partner, and a clingy one too.

When a relationship goes through a rocky patch, the Cancer man will become demanding; he needs reassurance that everything is going to be OK. Even once it becomes clear that a relationship is over, he will find it extremely hard to let go – if he’s your ex, don’t expect to get rid of him easily! When all is well, however, the Cancer man in love is a wonderful thing; his love and romance is tangible and he has a great deal to offer the right woman.

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