Capricorn Man and Leo Woman

At first glance, the Capricorn man and the Leo woman have very little in common, and can easily find a lot to dislike about each other. This relationship, if it gets off the ground in the first place, will be a slow burning one.


capricorn-man-leo-woman-compatibilityInitially Disapproving

The Capricorn man is a grounded and dignified individual, with conservative tastes. He is likely to find the Leo woman’s overt flamboyance distasteful, to put it mildly. The Leo woman, meanwhile, is a proud and extrovert lady, used to commanding attention wherever she goes. She won’t take too kindly to the Capricorn man’s aloof, disapproving stare. The initial problem with Capricorn man Leo woman compatibility is getting this couple together in the first place!

Once the couple do begin to date, they will find that they do have something in common after all – they are both born leaders. The Capricorn man leads with authority and traditional wisdom; the Leo woman leads with charisma and an aura which makes people want to be by her side. Their styles are very different, of course, but the end result is the same. Impressed by one another on this level, the zodiac’s two bosses might just decide to get together after all, and so Capricorn man Leo woman compatibility begins.

This couple will quickly discover all manner of delights in the bedroom, where the Leo woman’s fire sign passion and love of drama can excite the Capricorn man’s inner sensuality. This can be a wonderfully warm relationship sexually, but beyond the bedroom this couple have a lot of work to do if Capricorn man Leo woman compatibility is to thrive.


capricorn-man-compatibility-leo-womanSharing Control

This relationship works best where both partners can be in charge of something; whether it’s as mundane as one being in charge of the finances while the other is in charge of the children, or some much flexible and intangible arrangement, both the Capricorn man and the Leo woman need to be able to call the shots somewhere. If this doesn’t happen, the Leo woman will fly into rages while the Capricorn man withdraws and sulks, and communication between this power couple will soon break down. For the Capricorn man and Leo woman, compatibility will take some compromise.

It’s largely going to have to be the Capricorn man doing the compromising. The Leo woman belongs to a fixed sign and has an innate sense of entitlement. She’s not going to give in. The Capricorn man is a cardinal sign, and will recognize that when push comes to shove he’s going to have to make a move. He may make it grudgingly and with lots of complaint, but he’ll do it if he feels he has to. Capricorn man Leo woman compatibility depends on it.

Although this couple can create a lot of financial and material success for themselves, it can take them many years to finally work out how to handle each other properly. Both are loyal and committed people, however, and they will try hard to do so. The long term chances for Capricorn man Leo woman compatibility will depend on whether both of them ultimately find it worth the effort.

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