Gemini and Taurus Compatibility: The Communicator and the Lover

The success of this somewhat complicated relationship depends entirely on how much this couple loves one another. That may sound obvious, but in some easier pairings the couple can jog along well even without a solid base; Gemini and Taurus compatibility, however, depends upon both partners changing enough to see life from the other’s point of view, which isn’t always easy.

On the surface, Gemini and Taurus don’t have much in common. Solid Taurus likes to think things through, is slow to act, and will focus on one goal for as long as it takes to achieve it; Gemini, on the other hand, works entirely on intellectual impulse, acts quickly and spontaneously and flits from one interest, passion and person to anther at breakneck speed. Taurus demands commitment; Gemini needs space. Taurus likes stability and routine, while Gemini likes variety and change. For Gemini and Taurus, compatibility as friend or colleagues is easy enough, but as lovers it’s much harder work.

The key to making it all work is communication – and as the archetypal Communicator, it’s no surprise that the Gemini partner will have to do most of the work in that department. Fundamentally, Gemini needs to persuade Taurus not to take his or her flirtations seriously, and not to feel hurt when Gemini’s intellectual attention strays either. Can the Communicator make the Lover understand that a lack of attention doesn’t mean a lack of thought? Let’s hope so, because Gemini and Taurus compatibility pretty much depends upon it – otherwise, Taurus’ jealousy will suffocate flirtatious Gemini, and the Taurus partner will have their heart broken by Gemini’s sometimes superficial and aloof attitude. Let’s not forget that love is all about stability for Taurus, and Gemini compatibility is about playfulness and freedom. Not an easy mix.

Gemini is an air sign, breezing through life on a whim, whereas Taurus is an earth sign, fixed, dependable – and wanting someone else to depend on too. No matter how in love this couple are, Taurus will always find something slightly alarming about the Gemini partner’s attitude – it’s as if Taurus is constantly waiting for Gemini to drop a bombshell which may never come. It certainly doesn’t do Taurus’ nerves much good, and Gemini may tire quickly of being perceived as the bad guy. Gemini and Taurus compatibility will be hard work a lot of the time, but of course that doesn’t mean it’s not worth the effort.

On the plus side, the contrasting elements of this couple give a clue as to how the relationship can work when things are going well. Bright and alert Gemini can lift earthy Taurus’ spirits and, almost literally, breathe new life into a staid existence. During good times, Taurus is enchanted by Gemini’s vivacity and wit. For their part, the Taurus partner can teach Gemini how to harness their ideas into practical, step by step projects. Grounded Taurus can also show flighty Gemini the value of slowing down, thinking things through and considering all options before chasing rainbows. When love conquers this relationship’s issues, Gemini and Taurus compatibility will help both partners grow and learn valuable life lessons.

We don’t get into relationships in order to learn, though. What about the physical attraction between these two, the magnetism, the wow factor? Um, there isn’t much of that, I’m afraid. Although Gemini can whisper magical words of romance to Taurus, it’s all a bit superficial from Gemini’s point of view, and Taurus will see straight through it. The Gemini partner will also want to heat up the relationship too quickly for Taurus, and Gemini compatibility with this slow and sensual partner will suffer as a result. If Gemini wants to woo Taurus, the eternal Communicator is going to have to learn some serious patience.

If this relationship lasts, it can be good for both partners. Only time will tell – if Gemini is willing to give the time that Taurus needs, and if Taurus is willing to accept Gemini’s flirtatious, capricious ways, then who knows? Perhaps Gemini and Taurus compatibility has a chance after all.

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