Libra and Leo Compatibility: The Idealist and the Royal

Libra and Leo compatibility is very interesting from an astrological point of view. With many couples, their zodiac signs appear to have little in common, yet they find a mutual understanding and deep romance. With Leo and Libra compatibility, however, there is obvious attraction on the surface, but dig a little deeper and there are obstacles to this relationship which can prove tough to overcome.

Here we have the Royal of the zodiac, proud Leo, demanding to be adored, demanding attention. Mix this with charming, sociable Libra, who wants to adore a partner, and who is delighted to mix in Leo’s exalted circles – surely this is a good match, no? Libra will adore Leo and will constantly flatter the Royal’s ego, while Leo will be very happy to have such a beautiful, intelligent, graceful and socially at ease partner. Together, they will love the glamorous lifestyle, enjoying extravagant spending, cultural appreciation and the height of romance. What’s not to love? How could it possibly go wrong? Unfortunately for Libra and Leo, compatibility for a lifetime depends on rather more than sharing the same social attitudes.

Both of these signs are good communicators, but both can also be rather superficial. With Libra and Leo compatibility, there is a danger that it’s all about the lifestyle rather than the actual depth of bond between them. Oh, they look good together, and they’re tremendous company for others. They’ll share similar tastes and hobbies and can have wonderful dates together. Sexually, the relationship is a hit too, with Leo’s ardent passion being met by Libra’s warm and loving appreciation. When the relationship is going well, Leo and Libra compatibility seems a foregone conclusion.

However, as soon as life takes a tough turn, this relationship can run into serious difficulties. When problems strike, decisive, bossy Leo wants to be completely in charge and will dogmatically assert their idea as the one and only solution. On the other hand, Libra is the Idealist of the zodiac. The Libra partner is an intellectual creature and will weigh many different options in his or her search for the idealism they crave. Libra is born to compromise, but only after a proper exploration of all options. Leo is born to avoid compromise at all costs, and can’t see the point in discussing things – after all, the decision has been made. When it comes to Libra and Leo compatibility in a crisis, these two are on different planets to one another.

The rows and arguments over this will upset gentle Libra no end, as discord makes Libra emotionally ill. When the Libra partner withdraws and stops providing constant flattery to the Royal’s ego, Leo’s pride is hurt, and even big hearted Leo finds it hard to forgive that. Given that so much of Libra and Leo’s compatibility is based on their shared love of the good life, this problem can be especially acute during financial difficulties. When the creative, luxurious, bon vivant lifestyle goes, so too does a good measure of Libra and Leo compatibility.

It’s not all bad news. Leo is a fire sign, and Libra an air sign. Fire and air is generally a good mix in astrology compatibility, because fire needs air in order to thrive. The zodiac’s Royal certainly does thrive under Libra’s subtle and gentle guidance, but the Idealist will not thrive when Leo refuses to countenance his or her efforts to discuss issues in the relationship. The Royal rules his or her court, and no amount of effort from the Idealist is going to change the way Leo rules. The to and fro of intellectual ideas if vital for Libra, and Leo compatibility is based much more on a decisive, impulsive base.

The key to long term Libra and Leo compatibility is for both partners to dig deep and try to understand one another better during the good times. Sadly, if this couple wait for a crisis in order to do the hard work, they could just find their luxurious dreams vanishing into thin air under the stress.

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