Libra Woman

The Libra woman is a very sociable lady indeed. She loves to surround herself with happy people, and she is at her best when she’s hosting a party or chatting with her friends. Deep down, however, a single Libra woman is an unhappy woman, because this sign above all others feels an instinctive need for a partner. For the Libra woman, compatibility is a question which is constantly on her mind. If she’s single, she’s looking; if she’s happily attached, she’s fretting about keeping her partner.


Dreams and Fantasieslibra-woman-compatibility

When you first get to know your Libra woman, you’ll be struck by how romantic she is. Her dreams and fantasies are straight out of the movies; in Libra world, nobody ever has to take out the trash or pick up a partner’s dirty laundry. The next thing you’ll notice is how unfailingly kind and gentle she is, and that she exudes an inner vulnerability which is at very disarming. Most men feel an instinctive need to protect the Libra woman – which is just how she likes it. Libra woman compatibility is best with a confident, self-assured male who can play the alpha role and put her on a pedestal.

In a relationship, what the Libra woman really seeks is commitment. She is in love with love and desperate to find a partner for a lifetime. This, together with the fact that she naturally hates discord, means that she sometimes tries far too hard to please. She will fall in line with what her partner demands, even at cost to herself, purely out of fear that she might lose him if she does not. Libra woman compatibility therefore requires a very honest and genuine man, who will not take advantage of her or abuse her trust.


libra-female-compatibilityAbsolute Fidelity Required

When a relationship is going well, the Libra woman is at her most joyful. She will love and support her man through thick and thin, and will always be happy to host his friends or to go out and shine next to him. She is a loving mother too, and will create a very happy home for her family. She will be greatly hurt and frightened by anything her partner does to rock the boat, however, including harmless flirting – which won’t be seen as harmless. For the Libra woman, compatibility requires absolute fidelity; anything less will send her into the pits of anguish.

If a relationship begins to flounder, this will affect everything in the Libra woman’s life – her job will suffer, as will her relationship with her children, her self esteem and her health. She is so wrapped up in her partner that she cannot imagine life without him; those who hurt a Libra woman leave very deep scars behind. However, she is more resilient than she thinks she is. If a relationship does end, she will quickly jump back into dating again – partly to hide her hurt, and partly because she simply has to. For a Libra woman, compatibility can equal a non-stop search for happiness.

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