Pisces in Love: Where Dreams and Illusions Collide

Pisces is the hopeless romantic of the zodiac, even more so than Cancer. Your mythological archetype is the dreamer – you are such an idealist, and you just wish that all of your relationships would meet your high ideals, yet time and time again, you find yourself let down. What happens? Why does Pisces struggle to find the right person? There’s much more to this than compatibility between two signs, but essentially the crux of the matter lies in the fact that for Pisces, compatibility can be something of an illusion.

As a Pisces, you are both blessed and cursed with overwhelming emotions. You are easily moved to both laughter and tears, and you sense and feel everything to an extreme. Faced with the pressures of the everyday world, it’s little wonder that you spend an awful lot of time retreating to a dream world. In your make believe land, all is rosy and you don’t have to face facts. This is where Pisces compatibility in love tends to start running into problems. So long as you pretend to yourself that a relationship is perfect, you’re unable to address any problems…so the problems escalate…until it breaks down completely, causing you untold distress.

In a sense, your greatest weakness, Pisces, is that you deceive yourself. You also give far too much of yourself – you are selfless and self-sacrificing to an extreme, so when a relationship does end you sometimes find that you’ve lost your own identity along the way. The absolute key to greater Pisces compatibility with any sign is to maintain your independence, and to keep your own friends and your own hobbies – and to occasionally take off the magical specs which give your pretend world that rosy pink glow.

There’s much to attract others to you. A Pisces in love is sensitive, compassionate, incredibly kind, giving and romantic. You long to wrap yourself up with your lover and leave the world far behind, and you can be extremely passionate with the right person. It’s crucial, though, that you ask for as much respect as you are willing to give to others. The wide-ranging Pisces compatibility can be a double edged sword for you, since you’re so willing to fall in love that you can end up with some very damaging and dangerous people indeed. And once you’re in that relationship, you won’t always have the willpower or the strength of mind to get out of it again.

Ideally, for optimum Pisces compatibility, you need a partner who can bring your romantic dreams to life without taking advantage of your gentle nature. He or she should hold you back from the worst excesses of your escapism, but be tender enough to make you feel secure. In return, you will bless your partner with a magical blend of love and devotion which most other signs can only marvel at.

When a Pisces is in a happy relationship, you exude a spiritual serenity which is gorgeous to see, and you will make your lover feel like the luckiest man or woman alive. Your fellow water signs can be good matches, provided you don’t worry one another to death, and earth signs offer you stability and a grounding for all those emotions. Pisces compatibility with air signs is more limited, because you find it hard to handle their aloof natures; with fire signs your relationships can be sizzlingly hot or catastrophically disempowering, depending on the individual personalities involved.

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