Pisces and Sagittarius Compatibility: The Dreamer and the Adventurer

What happens when the gentle, sensitive Dreamer of the zodiac meets and falls in love with the fiery, brash Adventurer? It’s not an obvious love match, but can Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility work? Read on for an overview, and for an in-depth look at this complex relationship, try an Astromatcha astrology compatibility report.

What we have here is a battle between illusion and reality. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, the planet of mysticism, illusions, dreams and nebulousness. Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, a jovial, generous and optimistic planet rooted firmly in the real world. The two signs operate on completely different levels, or perhaps even different worlds, and that can be a tough challenge for Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility.

There’s certainly a mutual attraction between this couple, however. Pisces is nothing if not a romantic, and is excited by the passion Sagittarius brings; Sagittarius, in turn, is intrigued by the elusive Pisces and will quickly become determined to capture his or her heart. Sexual compatibility between a water sign and a fire sign is usually hot – after all, when you mix fire and water, you get steam. However, this physical attraction is not enough, in itself, to counter the extreme differences in the way this couple thinks and feels. For Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility to work, there needs to be something stronger to anchor it on than fleeting moments of intimacy.

When true love prevails, the relationship between these two can be strong, and it can actually bring out some of the best qualities in each partner. Sagittarius will protect, defend and champion Pisces every step of the way, and Pisces will help Sagittarius learn the power of sensitivity, compassion and gentleness. However, for Pisces and Sagittarius, compatibility can be temporary at best. While Sagittarius yearns to explore the big, wide world, Pisces would much prefer to remain within their imaginary castle. Sagittarius is extrovert, Pisces is introverted; Sagittarius is sociable, Pisces is not, particularly. Sagittarius is a flirt. Pisces is not, and will find it difficult to cope with the emotional and sexual freedom the Adventurer demands.

When this couple sort themselves out, with determination on both parts, they can reach an uncomfortable truce. Both are mutable signs, so on the plus side they are both ready and willing to compromise. While Sagittarius may seem to be the stronger character in the mix, do not underestimate the inner steel of Pisces. The problem with both partners compromising is that perhaps neither will be truly happy with the end situation – and for Pisces, not being happy in a romance simply will not do. The Dreamer of the zodiac is malleable in many ways, but is also an absolute romantic and will not settle for second best. Surprisingly, if this relationship ends, it may be meek and mild Pisces who takes the initiative in calling time. For Pisces, love compatibility is simply too important to take chances with.

At its best, Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility may result in a rather lovely blending of two worlds, and each partner will help the other to feel at ease in the world which is strange to them: Pisces in reality, and Sagittarius in dreams. The couple will have to live through rather a lot of frustration in order to reach that ideal point, though. It’s not easy for this partnership to propel themselves forwards, because of their very different ways of handling a problem. The Sagittarian Adventurer is always direct and to the point, whereas Pisces the Dreamer can be evasive, hiding from the truth and trying to pretend it’s not happening. Pisces will find Sagittarius’ forthright attitude quite alarming; Sagittarius will be infuriated by the avoidance techniques of Pisces. Love compatibility demands a certain give and take in the way a couple handles their difficulties, which this combination really doesn’t have.

If you have a question about Pisces and Sagittarius compatibility, go ahead and ask. In this complicated and slightly edgy relationship, it’s always helpful to have insight from others who have experienced the same issues.

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