Sagittarius Woman

The typical Sagittarius woman is both graceful and athletic, and exudes a constant energy. She is very good humored and laughs easily at herself, putting others instantly at ease. She is sunny and light-hearted and doesn’t take the world too seriously. An excellent playmate, she is the very opposite of stuck up, and is keen to explore the world with a like-minded lover. Sagittarius woman compatibility is ideal with a man who respects her freedom and who can match her intellect.


An Eternal Seekersagittarius-woman-compatibility

When you first meet your Sagittarius woman, you’ll be struck by how many interests she has, particularly sporting ones. Strong and capable, she can do anything a man can do, and probably better. She’s something of a tomboy and doesn’t rally care for fashion or girly dressing up – she has more important things to do. Sagittarius woman compatibility is all about growing and learning, and she seeks a man who has a spiritual side to him, and preferably who loves travel too.

As you get to know the Sagittarius woman, you’ll notice that she hates to be tied down. Committing to a date next week is hard enough for her, let alone committing to a lifetime. It’s not that she doesn’t love – it’s just that she likes to keep her options open. Many men find this difficult to handle; in which case, Sagittarius woman compatibility is probably not right for you. For men who are more open-minded, however, many find the Sagittarius woman’s adventurous spirit to be highly attractive.

Sex is just another adventure to the Sagittarius woman, and she has a healthy sexual appetite. She is very kind, but honest to a fault, and won’t flatter a man just to assuage his ego. You can expect her to tell you the unvarnished truth at every turn, but in the end this is just one more reason to respect her. For the Sagittarius woman, compatibility is a little like a fictional quest – she does want to find her ideal partner, but she’s rather enjoying the ride along the way.


sagittarius-female-compatibilityOpen Mind Required

Not necessarily the most faithful of signs, the Sagittarius woman enjoys flirting with danger, which can lead to affairs. She’s quite capable of loving her partner deeply and yet still being unfaithful – she doesn’t consider the sexual aspect of an affair to matter very much, provided her emotional commitment remains intact. Not necessarily a view that many partners will share, so for the best Sagittarius woman compatibility, a very open mind is required!

Open and straightforward in her approach, the Sagittarius woman is happy when her relationship is going well, and unhappy when it isn’t – it’s as simple as that. However, she won’t waste months of anguish trying to resolve a problem. If she senses that the relationship is doomed, she will move on quickly. In some ways, this is a blessing, as it spares both partners the pain of a long drawn out breakup.

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