Taurus Man and Pisces Woman

The kind, loving, romantic Taurus man is a good match for the ethereal, sensitive Pisces woman. Ruled respectively by two of the most romantic planets, Taurus and Neptune, this couple can become very loved up, very quickly, but can Taurus man and Pisces woman compatibility stand the test of time?


taurus-man-pisces-woman-compatibilityCovering All Bases

Yes, it can. Fundamentally, both partners are kind, gentle people, and each has a natural desire to look after the other. The Pisces woman is often overwhelmed with her emotions, but the stable, down to earth Taurus man provides her with a loving and secure rock on which to ground herself. The Taurus man is a careful, weighty thinker who generally makes good decisions, but he is blessed to have the Pisces woman’s intuition to work alongside his common sense. Together, they cover all bases and angles, and Taurus man and Pisces woman compatibility works exceptionally well.

There’s good sexual chemistry for this partnership, with the Taurus man’s earthy sensuality and the Pisces woman’s fragile yet sensitive sexuality. A shared sense of romance means that this couple will be forever spoiling one another, and creating romantic scenarios to enjoy. The magic will rarely leave this relationship, no matter how long they are together. It stays fresh and vibrant, just as it was once they met. In this sense, Taurus man Pisces woman compatibility is rare in its ability to transcend time.

Although their relationship usually works well, it’s in times of trouble that the test will come. This is an earth-water mix. When the Pisces woman’s emotional waters are at their stormiest, the earth of her Taurus guy can soak up the excess and help her to hold her shape. It’s definitely a win for the Pisces girl. For the Taurus man, however, sometimes he offers earth, receives water and ends up with nothing more than a muddy puddle. The emotional outbursts of his Pisces woman can occasionally simply be too much, and its at this point that Taurus man Pisces woman compatibility can start to flounder.


taurus-man-compatibility-pisces-womanEnduring and Special

Although the Taurus man is extremely possessive, the gentle Pisces woman will rarely give him cause for concern. She isn’t flirtatious, and she’s much too compassionate to be unfaithful. She will remain a constant in his life, loving him and taking care of him no matter what he does. There is a slight danger that the Pisces woman can become too dependent on her Taurus man – again, it’s the Pisces lady who has most to gain from this relationship. Typically, however, the Taurus guy is so smitten by the Pisces woman that he overlooks any issues, and remains deeply in love. Taurus man Pisces woman compatibility is so strong because the Taurus guy chooses to allow it to be so.

Overall, this is an enduring and special relationship, with a great deal of joy, love, romance and sensuality. Most Taurus man Pisces woman relationships last a long time, if not for life, but ultimately it will be up to the Taurus man to decide whether his lovely Pisces woman is worth the time and energy it takes to support her and love her. As the high rate of Taurus man Pisces woman compatibility shows, most Taurus guys think they’re very lucky here, and the relationship does endure.

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