My First Encounter With Astrology

My first experience of astrology was from my early childhood where one of the major TV channels in Australia had a lady who read out the daily horoscopes for each star sign during a popular breakfast television show.

the truth about astrology on tv

Her name was Karen Moregold and I remember clearly that she had quite a striking face and how she always spoke with a soft and controlled, yet powerful sounding mystical voice…..

as a just young guy, it all seemed a bit weird and scary to me….. It wasn’t like anything else on TV, especially not my favorite cartoons…..

But I often wondered about this lady and where she was getting her knowledge from, and why was she telling everyone?

You could say I was avoiding astrology like the plague…

Coming from a Christian family, worrying too much about the future was not encouraged. For all I knew at the time, it seemed astrology was just another form of fortune telling… and to be avoided at all costs.

Each day as we were getting ready for school, this lady would appear with her horoscopes, and with an almost instant reflex, I’d leap from the sofa and RUN to change the channel……

Then later into my teen years, I’d also automatically tune out when girls at school would ask me what my star sign was…. If only I realised why they were asking!! 😉

So, You could say I was avoiding astrology like the plague…

But when I look back and think of how important Astrology has become to me now, it seems like it was always there…. Just waiting for me to answer…..

It wasn’t until my early twenties when a band that I really liked put out an album with some unusual symbols on the cover.

astrology symbols and what they mean

These symbols looked intriguing to me, and so I began researching what they meant.

Guess what?

It turned out that Most of those symbols were astrological symbols!

Astrology? Really??? I’d always thought of the lead singer of the band as a very intellectual person…… why was he and the band into astrology? Could there be any merit to this? Maybe I should dip my toes in the water and find out what all the fuss was about?

Starting To Learn About Astrology

Now remember, we are talking 15 years ago. It wasn’t possible to “just Google it” like we do today. Instead, I had to find whatever astrological books and resources I could by driving to garage sales and second-hand book shops everywhere.

Basically, I became “a sponge,” absorbing all the knowledge I could get my hands on, and found that the more that I read, the more passionate I was becoming about astrology.

reading about astrology

Pretty soon it was obvious that there was a big difference between the superficial mainstream astrology I’d seen on TV, and the deeper and much more interesting kind of astrology that I was reading about, and it all seemed to centre on one thing: the birth chart.

The TV and Newspaper astrology didn’t mention any of this, but all other books about astrology that I had definitely were….. It felt like the mainstream view of astrology was just for fun and entertainment than the deeper and more meaningful view that the astrology books I had collected seemed to be about….

Deciding to put Astrology to the test

So I began to see the birth chart (also known as the natal chart) as a snapshot of the sky and heavens at the moment and place of my birth… something quite unique to me. Could it really reveal my instincts, emotions, potential, tendencies, needs and wants?

This would definitely be the ultimate test for astrology!

One thing was certain: To really test this, I knew that I had to get my reading from an experienced, reputable Astrologer.… not from a hobbyist.

I found out about one particular astrologer who lived in the US, he seemed quite highly recommended…. And it got me thinking…..

If someone I’ve never met, living in another continent (I was in Australia), could reveal my deepest secrets using only the time and location of my birth — then there’s undeniable truth to all this!

Hesitant but increasingly curious, I took the plunge and finally had a reading and charts prepared for me by this astrologer….

The Astrology Reading That Changed My Life And Views

birth chart reading

A few weeks later, a package arrived in the mail. Tearing the envelope open, I got my first glimpse of a professional astrological birth chart.

It looked very interesting, and had all these symbols. Symbols I was now starting to recognize… but still couldn’t quite fully piece them together yet, let alone understand the full picture that they painted.

A few days after the package with my birth chart had arrived, I had a phone call scheduled with the astrologer..

So the appointment time finally arrived and I start dialing the number.…. waiting for him to answer the phone I thought Wow! I’m really going ahead with this! I’m finally going to find out what’s what about my chart!

The call

He answered the call, and the next thirty minutes were some of the most amazing of my life. As he read through my chart, everything he said rang true… and on so many levels! It was obvious that it couldn’t have been a coincidence.

Here I was, talking on the phone with a person from a different continent. We never met before. He didn’t know me. But there he was reading out major aspects of my life and describing my personality to the tee!

He told me things about myself that only I could possibly know. Any doubt I ever had was now obliterated, and I was more excited than ever about astrology.

I started attending seminars, conferences, buying even more books and continued building my astrological library. And I’ve never stopped since!

astrology library’s Promise To You

The powerful experience of what real astrology has to offer compelled me to co-found Astromatcha and what has grown to become a great community of people just like you and me interested in this fascinating ancient art….

Our mission here at Astromatcha is to share with you everything that we’ve learnt about astrology, particularly relationship astrology and how that influences love and compatibility in your life….

Our aim is to stack the deck in your favor and help you make better decisions when it comes to love and relationships.

astrology and love

This is why we’ve invested more than 10,000 hours in this website over the last few years, and why we’ll be bringing you new webinars and additional training courses over the next few months.

These courses will help you make the leap from the simplistic mainstream understanding of astrology to experiencing the full power astrology that is has to offer you.

Astrology is what we love. It’s what we do. And we’re extremely proud and privileged to share it with you!

From everyone here at, welcome you to the community!

Warm Regards,

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