Balance and Fairness: Love and Compatibility for Jay Z & Beyoncé


With massive speculation about their relationship since the release of Beyoncé’s most recent record, we thought we’d take a closer look at what makes this power couple tick.

A complete composite astrology compatibility chart for Beyonce Knowles and Jay Z
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Sun, Moon and Ascendant in Libra: Striving for Balance and Equality

The most striking feature of Jay Z and Beyonce’s Relationship chart (also known as a composite chart) is that the sun, moon and the ascendant (rising sign) are all in the air sign of Libra.

It reveals a couple who are mentally creative and who thrive on shared ideas.

Such an abundance of Libra energy indicates that there is a fairly good balance of power between these two and shows that they thrive on maintaining a level playing field…Sun Moon and Ascendant in Libra

But with powerful Pluto and expansive Jupiter located in the first house, this theme becomes more amplified than Madison Square Gardens in concert mode and the couple are likely to experience very personal and dramatic shifts in power between them that fuels their attraction for each other.

When Love and Career Combine: Midheaven in Cancer

With such powerful planets as the Sun, Moon, Pluto and Jupiter all in the first house making harmonious ‘trine’ aspects to the midheaven, it’s easy to see that Jay Z and Beyoncé are each other’s biggest cheerleader and fan…..

relationship chart love and career

But not all goes smooth in this area, as Saturn, the planet of challenges and long term success, located in the tenth house of career at the same time is making a challenging square to these powerful first house planets.

So while they deeply support and believe and are protective of each other (midheaven in cancer), there can be harsh realities of their respective careers that affect them deeply and personally (Pluto in the first house).

Rebuilding the Temple of Love: Yod Pattern in the 8th House

Also visible in this chart is the “finger of god”, also known as the “Yod pattern” and it is pointing to the 8th house which suggests the theme of destruction and rebuilding.

When found in any chart, the Yod pattern is extremely rare and important. It highlights what absolutely must be addressed in the chart, in this case Jay Z and Beyoncé’s relationship and is quite possibly more important than all of their combined Libra relationship energy.

With the focal planet of this Yod pattern being the war like Mars in earthy Taurus, and located in the 8th house of Scorpio, it suggests the potential for conflict, fighting, stubbornness….. but with an intense physical understanding and attraction to each other.

compatibility chart yod pattern


It’s absolutely important that this couple can  find healthy ways to release the natural aggression of their union if they are to make it together and one possible way would be designing and creating a building project together, such as a dream home.

This is because Mars’s constructive / destructive power can be put to good use in the physical sign of Taurus.

Interestingly, this focal Mars in Taurus is the only planet in an Earth sign suggesting a lack of practicality in their relationship with a tendency towards overthinking, indecision and emotion due to the dominance of planets in Libra and Scorpio.

Possessiveness and Possessions: Scorpio on the Second House Cusp

The final thing to note about the Relationship chart of Jay Z and Beyonce is that the planets found in the second house of money, accumulation and possessions are opposite the focus of the Mars in Taurus “Yod”.

While they undoubtedly have enough to enjoy all the finer things in life, this opposition can suggest a hidden conflict or competition about who earns the most and or that it can provide the drive for them to accumulate even more together…..

astrology compatibility finances

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