Fated Marriage? The Astrology Behind Princess Diana And Prince Charles


At age 20, Princess Diana married Prince Charles, after a whirlwind courtship. It was a fairytale wedding.

However, Diana who suffered from eating disorders quickly became very unhappy. Her husband was openly courting Camilla Parker Bowles, and there was no room for a third person.

Eventually, Diana also had affairs. The couple separated 12 years after their marriage, and were divorced 3 years later, in 1996.

This opened the door for Camilla, who discreetly moved into the palace in 2003.

Let’s take a look at their charts.

Compatibility (composite) astrological chart showing Prince Charles and princess (lady) Diana compatibility

 Neptune: Beware of Illusion and Delusion

When Diana married Charles, she thought it was a dream come true. But Neptune, the planet of illusion and deception, is quite significant in her chart. To begin with, it stands separately from all the other planets in the chart.

Diana was born under the sensitive sign of Cancer in her 7th house of relationships, so we know that she was seeking somebody to care for her, and to give love and affection in return.

But deceptive Neptune is aspecting both the Sun (her sense of self) and Mercury (her thoughts) in the 7th house, showing that she idealised her husband, and saw her marriage through rose coloured glasses.

Charles was born under secretive Scorpio. Diana was never going to know exactly what he was doing. She was certainly being deceived.

composite chart reveal lies

Neptune is located in her 10th house of her public image. As far as the public were concerned, Diana did have a fairytale life, of which most people could only dream. This is the life she thought she was heading for when she married Charles.

But it was far from charmed.

We see the Neptunian theme repeated in Charles’ chart. Here it is right next to Venus, planet of love and relationships. He is a romantic. He has an unrealistic expectation of finding the perfect partner, and then tends to be disappointed.

Certainly Diana turned out to be a disappointment, and we can only wonder about his relationship with Camilla…..

All’s Fair in Love and Utopia: Moon and Descendant in Aquarius

astrologically incompatible couple driven apart
Aquarius on Charles’ descendant tells us that he wants independence in his marriage. It also shows that the type of person he is drawn to, is Aquarian. That is, humanitarian, independent, and idealistic. Diana fits this bill, because her Moon is in Aquarius. In addition, her Moon sits in his 7th house, which augurs well for love and marriage.

However, this Moon is aspecting his very strong outer planets – Uranus and Pluto, showing the powerful initial attraction, but the Moon needs to be nurtured, and without this, the excitement soon wore off.

Aspects between the Sun and Moon are an indication of strong attraction, and important in any relationship. But with Diana’s Moon being in a difficult square aspect to Charles’ Sun, the eventual result was difficulties understanding their differences. Charles was 12 years older than Diana, and they were very different people.

The Sensitive Crab Retreats into its Shell: Cancer and 4th House Influences

compatibility report avoid broken heart

It was not hard to see that Diana’s Cancer Sun and Mercury were very maternal and caring. But when she began to feel emotionally (Cancer) hurt, and her inner security was threatened, she didn’t know how to deal with it, except to withdraw.

Charles has 4 planets, including the Sun, in the 4th house, which is equivalent to having them in Cancer. He must have also been very hurt by Diana’s reactions (and subsequent affairs), but being a Scorpio, he does not reveal his true feelings.

If we bring Camilla into the mix, we see another woman with a strong Cancerian influence – 4 planets, including her Sun and Moon. Obviously, Charles was drawn to a woman with similar characteristics – feminine, sensitive and caring.

Can You Keep A Secret? : 12th House Influence

unlock the key to his heart

Do you have planets in the 12thy house? If so, you probably can keep a secret! Maybe even from yourself, because this is where things are hidden.

The reason we don’t know much about Camilla’s personal life is because she has 4 planets in her 12th house, including the all important Sun and Moon. This suggests she may not be in touch with her feelings. We don’t easily see what others have in their 12th house.

If you have planets in the 12th house, it is possible to overcome your fears. The main thing is to set the intention, accept your repressed feelings and needs, and believe in yourself.

Camilla’s 12th house planets also happen to fall in Charles’ 12th house. Maybe she confuses him emotionally, and it’s possible they don’t really know each other. However, there’s always a positive side as well as the negative, and she probably influences his spiritual development, another 12th house matter.

Getting Personal: Sun, Moon and Ascendant Combinations

As noted, if a relationship is to be long lasting, it is important to have interaction between each person’s most personal points – Sun, Moon and Ascendant. Like Diana, Camilla has a challenging square aspect between one of her luminaries to one of Charles’, but the other way around – her Sun to his Moon.

However, Camilla has her Sun comfortably in trine aspect to Charles’ Sun. This shows they are more similar personalities, much more compatible, because they have more in common. They look at things in the same way, and are able to cooperate and share many activities. Each can give to the other in beneficial ways, contributing to a lifelong relationship.

finding your lifetime partner with astrology

To help matters even more, Camilla and Charles have their Ascendant at almost the same degree and sign (royal Leo).

So, while Diana and Charles seem to have been brought together by fate, we can see they had obstacles to overcome, and lessons to learn, as is the case in any relationship! What appears to have been missing, was honesty, communication, and commitment to working together on their marriage.

compatibility holding hands love passion

Even though some challenging aspects are necessary to assist two people to grow and develop in a relationship, it’s important to have the more helpful interactions. This seems to be the glue binding Camilla and Charles.

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