10 Things Everyone Needs To Know About Astrology


In this blog post, I will reveal to you why 99.9% of the horoscopes you will find online or in magazines or newspapers is completely false and useless

… and how can you find the real truths astrology has to offer you.

Why Am I Doing This?

There’s a simple reason.

I have first-hand experience with how powerful astrology can be. I know what it can do for you… I know the power it has to help make your life, career, and romance better.

After all, that’s why I co-founded Astromatcha!

BUT… there’s a real problem. A lot of what’s written about astrology, especially online and in magazines, is not written by real astrologers.

I’m writing this blog post to make sure you know the ten things everyone’s out to know when they dive into the world of astrology. This will help you protect yourself from inaccurate information (there’s lots of it out there). Quite simply, if you ever see anything out there that negates these “ten commandments” – it’s not written by a real astrologer.

Ready to dive in? Let’s go!

1. Astrology Is Much More Than Just 12 Star Signs

Horoscope circle astrology 101

Many people think that you only have one star sign, and that’s it. So everyone is either a Taurus… or a Scorpio… or a Capricorn… thinking that’s where it begins and ends.

This is why many people (and researchers) have a mixed experience with astrology.

You’ll hear a lot of people say, “I read my stars in the paper.” But the paper only prints one column for each star sign… literally putting all people on the planet into one of twelve category.

And that’s wrong.

There’s so much more depth to astrology that just 12 star signs!

In fact, there are at least thirty different factors that must be taken into account on any astrological reading. And these thirty factors work together to create an astrological fingerprint that is completely unique to every individual. So unique in fact, that barely any two people on the planet share the same chart, and even then, they will experience different influences as they grow..

Obviously newspapers don’t have the space to go into those things. But we do. In fact, this is why astromatcha.com exists! (You can learn more about our founder’s story and our WHY here).

2. Which Is More Important: The Sun Sign, The Moon Sign, Or The Rising Sign?

What is the difference between Sun Sign Moon Sign Rising Sign? Circle with Zodiac sign. Horoscope constellation, stars ,sun and moon.

When you hear people say, “My friend is an Aries,” or, “My sister is a Leo”, what they are referring to is the sun sign.

But most people don’t realize that in addition to the sun sign they also have a moon sign and a rising sign… and the moon sign and rising sign are equally as important as what your sun sign is!

Together, the sun sign, the moon sign and the rising sun are the three main determinants of your outward personality.

Alone, the sun sign represents only a fraction of your personality. Only when you analyze the tree signs together you start unlocking the real power astrology has to offer you.

So if you take just one thing from this article, make it this:

Never rely just on your sun sign alone… or you’ll end up with a very incomplete view and remain blind to most of the information that can be revealed to you.

In other words… judging just by the the sun sign is like trying to judge what an entire country of people is like… based on only knowing one person from that land!

3. It’s All About Your Birth Chart (Also Known As A Natal Chart)

astrological birth chart natal chart
As we mentioned, there are 30 different factors (and sometimes more) that go into your astrological fingerprint.

These factors can’t be found on a newspaper. They can only be revealed for each individual through their own birth chart (also known as a natal chart.)

Each one of these thirty+ factors is a point in your birth chart.

Your sun sign is just one factor. Your moon sign is another factor. Your mercury position is another one, and there are many other factor that make up your chart. What’s important to understand is that the positions of all those factors and the combinations that they form in your chart are 99.99% unique to you (we’ll talk about the other 0.01% soon.)

Next, we connect all these points together. The lines and angles between any two points create what we refer to as an aspect.

This angle, otherwise known as an aspect, determines the nature of the energy. The energy can be harmonious and cooperative or even “lucky”, or it can be more challenging, difficult, or problematic. Or it can be anywhere in between!

The positioning of the points, and the hundreds of aspects they create, give us a very, very unique picture of a person. It’s what we call “an astrological signature” and it’s just as unique as a fingerprint!

How unique exactly? To demonstrate, we all know how hard it is to win the lottery with one set of numbers – usually just 6 numbers from a possible 45…. So if we consider the factors of your chart to be like the lottery numbers, your 30 factors come from a possible 360 positions…. making the combinations almost infinite!

4. Does Astrology Really Work?

does astrology work?

I use to be a HUGE skeptic when it came to astrology…

…Until I experienced what REAL astrology is!

Read my story for a fascinating proof of the validity of Astrology.

This story really highlights the power astrology has to offer you when you go beyond the basic 1–3 signs.

What you need to remember is this: When you hear people who talk about whether Astrology works on whether it doesn’t… they often have NO training in astrology AT ALL.

Think about it. How can anyone write something off if they never actually studied it themselves? As without investigation… no one has any right to disapprove anything.

It’s like saying you don’t believe in music or you don’t believe in fire. It’s not something to believe in or not. It’s something to see and investigate whether it works for you or not.

Almost none of the “researchers” who ahve looked into astrology over the last 30 years ever looked really deeply into it. They just test their theories on star signs and limited readings and without consulting astrologers.

As you already know… we at Astromatcha are the first to agree that sun sign alone isn’t enough to interpret anything that has impactful meaning!

But does that prove it doesn’t work? No. It only proves you need to dig deeper than that, starting with examining your own accurate birth chart.

People like Richard Dawkins write-off astrology as a nonsense idea… but he never studied it. Want to know something funny? His birth chart actually describes him as a complete skeptic!  🙂

5. Why Location Of Birth And Time Of Birth are so important….

does location of birth affect your birth chart?

Most people think, “the date I was born means I’m a Capricorn and that’s it.” But the planets above us are ever moving, ever changing.

Think about it. When the sun rises in New York it’s still pitch black in Philadelphia for another 7 minutes.

When it rises in Philadelphia, Los Angeles still has 3 more hours of darkness before they receive the sun’s blessed light, heat and energy.

Just like that, the energy of all the other planetary bodies shifts all the time and is different from one city to the next one down the road.

Your birth chart is a literal snapshot of the heavens at the moment that you were born and is your unique fingerprint in life. These subtle movements of all planetary bodies above are what creates this unique fingerprint, and are the reason location and time of birth make such a difference.

Therefore someone born on the 1st of November in one year will have a completely different looking chart to someone born on the 1st of November the following year.

Even still, someone born on 1st of November at 12 pm at night will have a completely different chart than someone born in the afternoon or at 7:30 in the morning.

The animation below shows how a birth chart changes over the mere course of just eleven hours:

Do astrological birth chart really change by hour of birth? This animation shows How astrological birthchart changes over 11 hours

6. What About Twins? How Can They Be Different Even Though They Have The Same Natal Chart?

astrology and twins

This is one of Astromatcha’s customer support’s favorite questions! (You can send us any other questions you have to [email protected] by the way!)

First thing to note is that twins are typically born a couple of minutes apart, sometimes up to an hour apart.

For example, say the first brother is born with 15° of Aries on the ascendant sign. The second brother is then born eight minutes later, giving him 17° of Aries as his ascendant sign.

Even though these things are quite close they still give some little subtlety and some uniqueness. Multiply these small differences by more than thirty different factors and hundreds of different aspects – and you get a similar looking, but completely different picture!

7. What About Two People Born At The EXACT Same Time And In The EXACT Same Hospital?

how does time of birth affect your horoscope

Boy oh boy, do the skeptics among you like this question! 🙂

Let’s say two people are born at the same hospital at exactly the same time.

Those two children will go home to different families. Those different families will have different traditions, customs and will nurture the children differently.

The differences are compounded day after day, year after year. By the time the two children are adults, they are exponentially different, even if they are twins…

How did it happen?

The birth chart represents a certain amount of potential, instincts, influences, and tendencies those children are likely to have.

On top of that come the cultural values, the family values, the societal values. Then further still the individual experiences which are vastly different – even if the two children grew up in the same town!

Who were their friends? What schools did they attend? Which subjects did they take? What after school activities did they participate in? What religious belief were they brought up with?

There’s an untold amount of variables that differentiate those two individual, in spite of their (nearly) identical charts.

The birth chart represents the personality of each child, but what happens is that the coloring of the personality makes a big difference.

If you’re confused about this, read the next section as it clarifies it even further!

8. Astrology Doesn’t Determine Your Fate. You Do.

does a natal chart determine your future

As you’ve seen in the previous section, two people can (theoretically) be born with the exact same birth chart – yet lead completely different lives.

How come?

Your birth chart (or natal chart) represents a certain amount of potential and inclination towards certain things… just like your genes!

And just like with genes, some people are pre-disposed to being better athletes. It’s easier for those people to become Olympic-level athletes… but only if they put in a lot of work to make that happen.

Similarly, someone who has the same pre-disposition, but puts no work or effort into athletics – can end up diabetic and obese!

Or someone who has the genes for high intelligence but never learns to read will probably never become the next Albert Einstein!

Your birth chart represents your potential. What you do with it is up to you.

Astrology should be seen as the map ahead. It informs you of the things you are naturally good at, or inclined to. This allows you to be more mindful and start taking proactive steps, using the best path possible, towards success, fulfillment and happiness.

9. How Do Forecasts Work (And Are They Any Good?)

how astrology forecasts work

There’s a high level of curiosity when it comes to astrological forecasts, because who doesn’t want to know what their future holds?

The astrological forecast we offer here at Astromatcha provides you with information you can act on to increases your chances of enjoyment and success in life and minimizes any down-times.

Astrological forecasts won’t tell you what the future holds (and please, run AWAY from anyone who says otherwise!), but they will tell you the weather on your journey to get there.

By knowing that, you can be better prepared for the journey and hopefully be able to realize more opportunities and avoid more pitfalls and disappointments.

Think about it this way: If you’re preparing for a picnic this weekend, there’s no way to know with 100% certainty what the weather will be like. But perhaps the techniques that meteorologists use to forecast the weather say, “There’s a 60% chance of rain this weekend.”

Knowing there’s a chance of rainy weather, wouldn’t you take a blanket and a couple of umbrellas with you? Of course you would!And you’d be silly not to!

We see our forecasts the same way. If you know there’s a 70% chance of rain you’d take an umbrella because not getting drenched is much better than getting drenched.

And even if it didn’t end up raining, you’d do the same tomorrow. Because not getting drenched, not falling into pitfalls, not making costly mistakes is much better than making them.

In just the same way, knowing on what days there’s a high chance of good weather allows us to enjoy our days and make the most out of them.

Wouldn’t you want to have the same power over your own success, happiness, relationships, and growth?

10. I Have A Hard Decision I’m Struggling With. Will Astrology Help?

astrology finding answers

Here at Astromatcha we believe that we should all be taking full responsibility for our decisions, and avoid putting all the responsibility onto something – or someone – other than us.

If you’re struggling with a tough decision, the absolute best thing you can do is to make your decisions based on the best of your knowledge. And astrology is another tool in the toolkit to receive more information and insights, hopefully helping you to make the right decision for you.

Remember, hindsight is always 20/20. But if you want to have the highest level of information available to you at the time you make your decision, we strongly recommend adding your birth chart and astrological forecast to your decision process.

Your Next Step

finding the key to better life

Now that you know so much more about astrology, it’s time to put the theory into action!

Click here to get your personal birth chart reading or your detailed astrological forecast from one of our astrologers right now!

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