Sagittarius Moon Compatibility: Enthusiasm Meets Idealism

Sagittarius is ruled by joyful Jupiter, and when the Moon is in Sagittarius it confers a buoyant, optimistic and fundamentally cheerful emotional nature. If you were born with a Sagittarius Moon, you are a very emotionally direct person, with no pretenses, no airs and graces, and no hidden agendas. This is refreshingly attractive, and many people enjoy Sagittarius Moon compatibility because you are a relatively undemanding and open-minded partner.


On a Questsagittarius-moon-compatibility

Your emotional satisfaction comes from learning, growing, exploring and expanding your knowledge. You are on a lifelong search to better yourself, or to gain greater understanding of life itself. Always inquisitive, curious and willing to learn something new, you are an exciting partner to be around because almost everything interests you. Your self-assurance and self-confidence is very attractive to those seeking Sagittarius Moon compatibility, and your partners enjoy the fact that you are what you appear to be – what you see is what you get. On the other hand, however, you can be very blunt and quite off-hand. Tact is not one of your stronger points, so you need a partner who can handle you telling it how it is, every time, all the time.


In Pursuit of Freedom

Jupiter’s energies are very self-sufficient, and so are those with a Sagittarius Moon. Your emotional happiness absolutely does not depend on having a partner, and you’re perfectly happy single for extended periods of time. When you do find Sagittarius Moon compatibility with a partner, you will want to retain your independence and you absolutely hate being tied down. It’s not that you’re not responsible – you are – but you prefer to tread your own path and will react badly if a partner tries to force you into a commitment. Your love of freedom means that you often take until quite late in life to settle down – if indeed you ever truly settle, since you love to be on the go, moving around a lot.


sagittarius-moon-loveTruth and Justice

Emotionally, you are very idealistic. You have strong personal ethics (which may or may not match the ethics everyone else thinks you should have) and you are particularly hot on the ideals of truth and justice. You will always seek fairness in a relationship – on a basic level this means you’ll share the housework and the parenting, but on a much deeper level you will want a partnership of equals. Nothing less will do, and Sagittarius Moon compatibility will suffer with a partner who either wants to be the boss or wants you to be the boss. It’s important that your partner shares the same ideology as you too, perhaps in terms of political outlook or religion. Although you like a challenge, you would quickly lose patience with someone who constantly argues with you on these fundamental touchstone issues.

Adventurous to the last, Sagittarius Moon compatibility thrives best with a partner who enjoys your spontaneity, fire and enthusiasm, and who is not afraid to allow you the freedom to be yourself.


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