Air Sign Compatibility: How to Love an Intellectual Butterfly

The zodiac’s three air signs, Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are by and large creative, intelligent people, whose love match compatibility with other signs is often on an intellectual level rather than a directly sensual or sexual one. When it comes to zodiac sun sign compatibility, of course, it’s much more helpful to see the whole birth chart of each partner – then you can do a proper astrological compatibility analysis, like we do in our Astromatcha compatibility reports – but based on sun signs alone, what can we tell about how to love an air sign?

What all three air signs have in common is their love of ideas and abstract thought. These people love to talk and to debate, and are very creative thinkers. Loving an air sign is an intellectual journey indeed, and these signs are never truly happy without a partner they consider their intellectual equal. Love match compatibility is subtly different for each air sign, however, because each expresses that intellectual, airy quality in a slightly different way.

Gemini, the first air sign, is a mutable air sign – ever changeable, ever flexible, and always able to see both sides of any given story. A Gemini person expresses his or her airy, mental nature through communication, first and foremost. In order to love a Gemini, it’s important to understand that shutting off communication is just about the worst thing you can do this soul. Gemini needs to talk, and needs to know that you are listening. For a Gemini, love match compatibility suffers with a sign which is a strong but silent type, such as Scorpio or Capricorn, but thrives with creative, imaginative signs like Leo.

By contrast, Libra, the second air sign, is a cardinal air sign. Libra, despite its gentle, diplomatic reputation, is a leader among air signs, and will always prefer to take the initiative in a situation, or to change things for the better, rather than waiting for someone else to do it. Libra expresses the airy, intellectual energy through looking outwards and engaging with friends (your Libra lover is very sociable) and through seeking balance in the world. Not as much of a talker as Gemini, Libra listens much more, and puts people at their ease. However, when it comes to love match compatibility, Libra can be quite vulnerable and needy. In order to love a Libra, it’s essential that you boost his or her self confidence, and avoid dependency issues from either side of the equation.

The final air sign is Aquarius, a fixed air sign. Aquarius is perhaps the purest abstract expression of air energy, and deals almost exclusively with the intellectual, the logical, the rational and the genius realm of ideas. Aquarius has a reputation for being the most aloof and detached of all of the air signs, and the least able to handle their own emotions. Love match compatibility for Aquarius also depends on finding a partner who will allow Aquarius considerable independence, because this is a sign which doesn’t tend to “do” commitment. When you win the heart of your Aquarius lover, however, you’ll find him or her to be a fascinating and loyal companion, and always ready to break a few rules and make life interesting. In order to truly love an Aquarius, it helps if you’re prepared to give your lover space, time and the freedom to figure things out – don’t rush the relationship, whatever you do.

All three of the air signs make good partners for one another, as they understand each other’s rationale and way of life. However, a double air sign partnership is not necessarily the longest lived of relationship. Problems occur in air sign love match compatibility with another air sign when the relationship hits a bad patch. Because air signs are not particularly adept at expressing emotion, both partners can struggle to explain how they really feel, and both will back away from emotional displays by the other. That indeed, can be the biggest problem for love match compatibility with any air sign, matched with any other sign – these wonderfully expressive and intellectual partners need to learn to handle the emotional ups and downs of love if they are to enjoy their full potential.

If you have questions about air sign compatibility, why not ask our astrologer? For more about zodiac sun sign compatibility, read our detailed sun sign compatibility profiles.

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  1. Wonderful read enjoyed every bit of it.
    Quite true at times as i happen to be a Libran.

  2. Gemini here, I’m very in tune with the air.I have a Libra ascendant, and a Gemini moon so I’m all too familiar with the traits and qualities of Air sign. I am also a third decan Gemini, (Aquarius/Saturn/Uranus) are the sub-rulers. So its safe too say I am generally all air. Aside from the Mars, and Venus, which are both in fiery Leo.

  3. I don’t think I agree. My ex husband and I were very volatile and emotional with each other. There were lots of tears and scenes when we broke up, on both sides. We both expressed ourselves emotionally, verbally and even physically. It was very tempestuous at times while we were highly in tune at others.

  4. I’m a Libra. It is very true about it says about Libra and air signs compability. I have a hard time expressing my feelings to my partner.

  5. As a Virgo I find air signs frustrating. I appreciate their logical minds. My Mercury in Libra makes me adept to speak to them in their language.
    However, as an earth sign, I find their detachment impractical and illogical. I appreciate that that is who they are and why that can be a great strength and benefit to the world. I just prefer to find balance between the mind and heart. There you find emathy

  6. Curious Aries…

  7. I’m a cancer trying to figure out an Aquarian man. We’re exact opposites.
    Hopefully it can work I know I have Leo and pices in my sign.

  8. Love it thanks again for all your help and support with everything else because I am married to a twin like me..

  9. I’m an Aquarius. Normally I’m not the type to associate myself with my zodiac sign as I thought it wasn’t really evidentiary, but I must say the way it explains our emotional temprament is accurate. I am unable to figure out my own emotions since they’re overwhelming and draining. I can relax easily with a calm and collected, rational mind…maintaining a relationship is difficult because you have to utilize your emotions the right way, but when I felt mine arise in my conscious state of mind, I used it to manipulate people (I know, I know…not good!) or lash out. I think if I did the latter, there would be immense consequences, but thr former is pretty bad too. I would rather not br involved or get myself caught up in something that requires so much effort.

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