Pisces Man

What a gentle soul the Pisces man is. A dreamer and a mystic, he has a sleepy, almost ethereal presence about him, and he is one the most sensitive of all zodiac signs. He is loving to a fault and eternally romantic, but Pisces man compatibility depends a great deal on his ability to trust another soul. He can be gullible, but he has probably been deeply hurt in the past, and it can be tough for the next partner to break through his self-protective barriers.


Attentive Supportpisces-man-compatibility

The typical Pisces man is an empath, and will soak up your worries and your fears for you. He listens attentively, soothes your cares and cries with you. He doesn’t have much to offer in the way of practical support, but in terms of emotional support, a woman could hardly ask for more. He will sweep you off your feet at the end of a hard working day, and will always put your needs ahead of his own. This notion of self-sacrifice is intrinsic to who Pisces is, but Pisces man compatibility requires a woman who is kind and gentle enough herself to not take advantage of this.

As you get to know your Pisces man, you’ll appreciate his need for love and affection. If he feels loved, he is on cloud nine and positively bursts with happiness. During low points in the relationship, however, he is very easily depressed and can become apathetic and difficult to live with at these times. Pisces man compatibility here again requires an understanding and emotionally in tune partner; dismissing his feelings at this point is just about the worst thing one could do.


pisces-male-compatibilityEndearingly Helpless?

What the Pisces man really wants from a partner is someone to dream with; someone to escape the harsh realities of life with; someone to fantasize with. That’s lovely, and many women would happily volunteer – until reality hits and someone has to take care of the day to day details of life. That someone is typically the woman, as the Pisces male can be almost helpless in a child-like kind of way. That quickly stops being endearing and starts becoming a pain for all but the most tolerant of women. Another reason why Pisces man compatibility is more complex than you might first think.

For the woman who can support the Pisces man, however, a romantic journey awaits. He will offer you undying love, roses, poetry and his very soul, and he means it, every word of it. He will worship the ground you walk on. It’s intoxicating, but here too dangers lie – for the Pisces man, compatibility can often mean an unhealthy level of dependence, and he may soon find himself unable to cope without you. Many a woman has tried to end a relationship with a Pisces man only to be held back by him playing the guilt card.

When a relationship does end, the Pisces man is very clingy and unwilling to give up. If his heart is broken, it will take him a very long time to recover. A hurt Pisces man can be a literal emotional wreck, so it’s vital not to get too deeply entangled with this gentle soul unless you really want to last the distance.

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