Taurus Moon Compatibility: A Child of Venus

When it comes to Taurus Moon compatibility, the keyword simply has to be stability. If you were born with your Moon in Taurus, you’re blessed with great staying power, a lot of determination and a great deal of earthy common sense…but you’re also one of the most stubborn people around. You hate change. No, you absolutely loathe change with a passion. Even when it’s good for you. When the Taurus Moon is in love, this can cause problems within a relationship.

taurus-moon-compatibilityYou’re a very practical and grounded individual, and you’re able to set goals and work towards them methodically, whether it’s a new career you want or a new lover. You have intense willpower, and nothing comes between you and the person you have set your heart on – even if that person doesn’t feel quite the same way about you. The Taurus Moon lover does have difficulty accepting unrequited love, and you easily develop obsessions about people you can’t have.

The Moon rules emotions, and when the Moon is in Taurus it tells us that you are quite emotionally reserved. Calm and placid, you don’t lose your temper easily, which is a major plus for Taurus Moon compatibility, as you are tolerant in love and able to deal with the quirks of most other signs.


Expensive Tastes

Taurus is a feminine earth sign, and so this placing works well with the feminine energies of the Moon. Taurus is ruled by Venus, giving you an emotional attachment to all things (and people) beautiful. Venus also brings you expensive tastes, however, so keeping up with a Moon in Taurus lover can be a costly business. You do love to be appreciated, and you get quite sulky if you feel that your partner isn’t paying you enough attention or bringing you enough gifts. Materialism is a big thing in Taurus Moon compatibility.


Seeing Beyond the Superficial

taurus-moon-loveAside from your love for the finer things in life, however, you are a sensitive and caring lover. You do like your partner to know how much you love them, and you will tell them so, often and openly. Very tactile and sensual, you have a strong sex drive. You may initially be attracted to quite superficial things like looks, status or money, but you’re nobody’s fool – deep down, for Taurus Moon compatibility to really work well, you need to have a soul to soul connection.

Possessed of seemingly infinite patience, the Taurus Moon lover is in no hurry to commit to a relationship, as you want to make sure he or she is “the one” before doing anything rash. Very wise – but very infuriating too for more impulsive signs. You do well to take your time, however, because the single most important thing for your emotional wellbeing is security. You have to be sure that your lover will not abandon you or betray you – and if you need to take years to be sure of that, the Taurus Moon provides you with the patience to do just that.

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