Scorpio Man and Leo Woman

The relationship between a Scorpio man and a Leo woman can be a very powerful one, but this couple do have some problems to overcome if they are to create a love which lasts a lifetime.


scorpio-man-leo-woman-compatibilityPower Seeking Couple

The Scorpio man and the Leo woman don’t at first appear to have a great deal in common; the Scorpio man is brooding and intense, while the Leo woman is sunny and gregarious. The Scorpio man shuns social gatherings and keeps himself to himself; the Leo woman loves to party and her heart is an open book. So what draws this unlikely couple together? Most likely it is that each senses a certain power in the other. For the Scorpio man and Leo woman, compatibility relies upon the fact that both are seeking power and control in their lives.

Once this couple get together, they can create an extremely loving and highly sexual partnership. When the fire and passion of the Leo woman meets the strong sensuality of the Scorpio man in the bedroom, the result will delight both of them. Beyond the bedroom, however, there are a few problems to overcome if Scorpio man Leo woman compatibility is to thrive.

For a start, the Leo woman likes to be adored. Constantly. The Scorpio man may well adore her, but he doesn’t say so often enough. Secondly, the Scorpio man is prone to some very deep and dark moods, which trouble the Leo woman’s sunny disposition. She will always reach out to her Scorpio man in his darker moments and will try to help him find his way back to the light, but he may grow to resent her interventions when he would rather simply be left alone. If the Scorpio man refuses to pander to the Leo woman’s ego and also rejects her attempts to help him, cracks will begin to show in Scorpio man Leo woman compatibility.


scorpio-man-compatibility-leo-womanA Richly Successful Match

The Scorpio man is a very jealous and possessive individual, but that could actually work in his favor in this relationship. Although he doesn’t flatter the Leo woman in the way she wants to be flattered, she will take his jealousy as a form of flattery and this may satisfy her need to be adored. Given that both partners in this relationship are highly determined people, this relationship could well go places; the Scorpio man and the Leo woman can create a very materially successful relationship, which will suit both of them down to the ground.

Despite conflicts over the amount of social time they have to share with others, Scorpio man Leo woman compatibility can actually work rather well, thanks largely to the Leo woman’s big heart. She will learn to understand her Scorpio man’s moods and emotional depths, and although she doesn’t share them, she will make allowances for them, which really must be a sign of her love – she is a fixed sign, and typically makes allowances for nobody. For his part, the Scorpio man will learn to understand that he needs to make his love for his Leo woman more obvious, and will attempt to be more demonstrative – again, as a fixed sign, the fact that he is willing to change for his Leo woman is a very good sign indeed for Scorpio man Leo woman compatibility.

By and large then, this can be a good natured and passionate relationship, in which each partners tries to accommodate the other. If both the Scorpio man and the Leo woman are willing to continue to adapt, they could suit each other very well indeed for the long term.

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  1. I curently am in a scorpio male an Leo female relationship. I really love this man and after 10 yrs gave it another shot. We are both 40 now and he has changed for the better. I am scarred and want this to work. We are not committed r now but we enjoy eachothers time often and spend entire night together. Help I need advice. I’m scarred. I’m still in Love w him

  2. scorpios fall in love forever

  3. Let him live his own way and trust me he will surprise you. Just give him more and more freedom

  4. Omg! What a bumpy ride passionate..electric..scary dangerously irresponsible, wild scary ..



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