Libra Man and Leo Woman

Quite the Hollywood couple, the Libra man and Leo woman can lead a glamorous relationship, but like most other things in Hollywood, if you peer beneath the surface, this relationship is not quite what it seems.


libra-man-leo-woman-compatibilityHollywood Couple

It’s easy to see why this couple might get together. The Libra man is charming, socially at ease, diplomatic and attentive, which attracts the Leo woman to him instantly. She in turn is powerful and charismatic, and the Libra man will be flattered by her attentions. Attending parties, throwing dinners and generally “being seen”, this couple can be very high profile, and their apparent romance is the envy of most who know them. But what’s really going on with Libra man Leo woman compatibility?

Well, this is a couple who like to keep up appearances, so you’re unlikely to see them row in public. Behind the scenes, however, these are very different personalities, with very different needs, and friction can easily arise. The Leo woman demands a man who will adore her and flatter her, and the Libra man is certainly adept at saying all the right things. Half the time, however, he says them on auto pilot in order to avoid a row. The Leo woman will eventually see through this insincerity, and be both hurt and angered by it. The sensitive, eager to please Libra man, for his part, will be hurt by the Leo woman’s scathing remarks and blazing temper – she can be rather arrogant at times, as well as domineering. Libra man Leo woman compatibility is nowhere near as unruffled in private as it may appear in public.

Part of the problem is that the Leo woman believes she is the leader in the relationship. She is quite forceful and dogmatic, and, being a fixed sign, will not change her mind easily, even when deep down she knows she’s wrong. In reality, the Libra man is subtly in charge – he has the best ideas and the most creative solutions to their problems, and he has the intellect to things through to the best conclusion. He is also a cardinal sign, able to take action quickly and effectively. In the Leo woman, however, he hits a brick wall. Her pride refuses to allow her to listen to him, and his patience isn’t ever lasting. After one put down too many, even the loving and faithful Libra man may decide that Libra man Leo woman compatibility isn’t worth the effort.


libra-man-compatibility-leo-womanSocial Glue

When times are good, this couple can muddle along together, held together by the glue of the social lives and lifestyles they both enjoy. They are both artistic and creative people, and can enjoy shared hobbies of that nature to help them bond further. During times of financial difficulty, however, Libra man Leo woman compatibility starts to come unstuck. If they can no longer afford the glamorous lifestyle, this couple may start to look at one another and wonder what they have left.

When Libra man and Leo woman compatibility goes wrong, the rest of us won’t necessarily know it. This couple have been known to quietly agree to have affairs while staying together for appearance’s sake – and, ironically, they often become much closer as a result. This is a relationship which can work, but which is all too often based on materialism and false values rather than a deep emotional connection, Without that base, Libra man and Leo woman compatibility will remain fragile.

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