Top Tips for Leo and Aquarius Compatibility

If you’re a Leo in love with an Aquarius, or an Aquarius in love with a Leo, you don’t need telling how magical but maddening this partnership of opposite signs can be. Leo and Aquarius compatibility has a lot of potential, but only if both partners make an effort to understand their very different ways of being. Read on for some helpful tips on keeping the romance burning in this passionate but enigmatic fire and air combination.

1 – Don’t Bother Trying to Change Each Other’s Minds

You’re both fixed signs. For Leo and Aquarius compatibility, that means understanding that you’re both right, all of the time, and that neither of you are ever wrong. It’s as simple as that. The innate streak of stubbornness that lives inside both your opinionated souls isn’t going to go away any time soon, and neither of you can win an argument over your priorities, beliefs or principles. The easiest and most loving option is imply to agree to disagree.

2 – Leo, Don’t Spoil Aquarius Too Much

Aquarius is a sign which loves simplicity. Leo, on the other hand, loves luxury and the finer thing sin life. It’s a Leo’s natural instinct to lavish expensive gifts and top class experiences on their partner – but Leo, back off a little here. Aquarius not only won’t appreciate the money you’re spending, but will quickly tire of the glamour and the social nicety of it all. Aquarius love compatibility with Leo is a meeting of minds, and Aquarius won’t tolerate being a kept lover. If you want to show your love and affection, Leo, donate to a charity close to Aquarius’ heart – a much better option for long term Leo and Aquarius compatibility.

3 – Aquarius, Leo Needs You More than the Rest of the World Does

While you’re busy campaigning for this, or being inspired by that, or hoping to change the other, Aquarius, Leo has eyes only for you. You’re a gregarious person and you have your heart in the right place, but in order to keep Leo by your side, you’ll need to pay a little more attention to your Leo lover and a little less attention to your friends, colleagues and latest humanitarian efforts. Leo needs a lot of ego boosting and moral support, which you can’t give if you’re not there. Time is the most precious thing in a relationship between Leo and Aquarius. Compatibility will fade if you don’t give enough of yours.

4 – Live Dangerously

Both of you are risk takers, in your own way, and in order to keep your relationship fresh you should definitely live outside the box. Leo and Aquarius compatibility thrives when you’re travelling, so get out and about and see the world, and to heck with the consequences. The thrill of breaking rules or doing something different will keep both of you on your toes. Aquarius, you’re only truly happy when you’re not conforming, and Leo, you’re only truly happy when you’re getting attention – combine the two into a highly unconventional lifestyle, and you’re onto an enduring winner which will boost your mutual passion and bring both of you a lot of joy.

Don’t forget that if you have any astrology compatibility questions you can ask our astrologer. You can also share your experiences of Leo and Aquarius compatibility – what are your top tips for surviving and thriving in this partnership? Do you have suggestions to make which might help fellow Leo/Aquarius couples? How would you improve Aquarius love compatibility with Leo? What should Leo do to keep Aquarius happy? Let us know!

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  1. I am a Leo woman, and my partner is an Aquarius man – this article is a very good explanation of the strengths and weaknesses of our incredibly deep, passionate, and unifying connectedness. we got to know each other over the phone for 2.5 years before we ever met in real life, when he moved into my dorm room in college and we lived together for 2 months. he is my cosmic love and I know the love we have has the power to transform both of us and the world. I know it has transformed me. we have been living apart for nearly three months and as a Leo with a Pisces moon, it can be very emotionally painful for me to be apart from him, especially because our compatibility is so strongly expressed through the physical, even if it is just looking in each other’s eyes. but having him be away has taught me so much about how to take care of myself, relate to others, build relationships with my friends, and in general made me a way better person. in turn I know I have taught him how to balance his thoughts with his emotions and approach conflicts with more compassion – and how to relax and go with the flow.
    we are both spiritual people, but our respective viewpoints in harmony are so illuminating. in terms of approaches to the work that must be done, he is drawn to holistic medicine (herbology, body work), I to emotional medicine (through art, communal self-expression, and spreading the love). of course we both are attracted to all of these things, which is perfect because we can teach each other. we’re also both born leaders and people tend to trust us and want to be with us instinctually. this summer we are going to travel wherever we want, just with what we can carry on our backs, and it fills me with so much joy to think of what we can do together out in this big beautiful world of people wanting to be healed 🙂

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