Aquarius Man and Leo Woman

The Aquarius man and the Leo woman belong to opposite signs of the zodiac, which usually means they stand a good chance of romantic compatibility. For this couple, however, compatibility is not assured, and is surprisingly one-sided at times.


aquarius-man-leo-woman-compatibilityFriendship Turns to Romance

The Aquarius man and the Leo woman are intrigued by each other, which is what draws them together in the first place. The Aquarius woman appreciate the Leo man’s inner warmth and dignity, and he in turn appreciates her innovative mind and her willingness to stand out from the crowd. The proud Leo man enjoys having a “different” kind of partner to show off, and may even want to “collect” the Aquarius woman in this way. For her part, she’ll find this amusing rather than patronizing, and will probably go along with it.

Aquarius man Leo woman compatibility quickly turns into a good friendship, and from there into a surprisingly strong sexual match too. Although the Aquarius man is a cool and detached air sign, he’s not immune to the fire and the passion of the Leo woman, and warms up considerably in the bedroom when in her tender care. This couple are likely to enjoy a bold and experimental love life, with lots of fun and laughter.

However, outside the bedroom, this couple operate on very different emotional levels. The Leo woman is full of emotion, and is also full of sunshine. She is warm, sociable and highly engaging, and she wears her heart on her sleeve. Her Aquarius man is also sociable, but his emotions couldn’t be further from his sleeve if he tried. His is an air sign, and keeps his emotions at a distance at all times, over-rationalizing them if he lets them in at all. This can spell trouble for Aquarius man Leo woman compatibility, as the Leo woman will take it personally if he’s not declaring undying love for her every ten minutes. Which he won’t be.


aquarius-man-compatibility-leo-womanSelfishness Versus Saving the World

You see, the Leo woman does like to be adored. The Aquarius man may well adore her, but she needs to know she’s adored, not to have it taken for granted. The Aquarius man is simply not emotionally expressive enough for the Leo woman. He will quickly tire of the Leo woman’s demands for attention, and will start to find her ego annoying. He cannot stand selfishness – he’s on a mission to save the world, after all, and he can’t do that if he’s on constant standby for his Leo mistress. Aquarius man Leo woman compatibility has cracks when it comes to each partner meeting the other’s needs.

In a fire and air relationship, it often turns out that the fire partner is the most needy. After all, fire needs air to survive, but air doesn’t need fire. True to form, it’s the Leo woman who would be most lost without her Aquarius man, despite his shortcomings. He does lover her, and he adores the way her optimism and enthusiasm inspire him, but if the relationship ends he will just move on, marking it up to experience. For the Leo woman, the end of the relationship would be a disaster.

Aquarius man Leo woman compatibility can work where the Aquarius man is truly smitten by his Leo woman. However, both of these partners are from fixed signs, and there’s a definite limit to how much the Aquarius man is willing to adapt to his Leo woman’s demands – and that limit is probably nowhere near enough for the Leo woman.

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