Pisces and Libra Compatibility: The Dreamer and the Idealist

Pisces and Libra compatibility can be among the most romantic of all zodiac matches, but when these two signs come together there is a sense of escapism which can mask problems to the extent that both signs go into a state of denial. This is a complex relationship, with many layers to it, but once that both signs would like to sustain – if only they can work out how.

Libra and Pisces are two of the most loving and romantic signs, so when they get together in a relationship, you know it’s going to be demonstrative, affectionate and full of all the lovely trappings of romance, from flowers to poetry and intimate dinners. Both signs are sentimental by nature and together they will create a soulful and beautiful home, filled with love and mutual respect. However, Pisces and Libra compatibility is not immune to the problems other relationships face, and their mythological archetypes can give us a hint about what this couple’s issues might be.

Pisces is the mythological Dreamer, inhabiting a fantasy world far away from the stresses and strains of everyday life. Libra, meanwhile, is the archetypal Idealist, always searching for the perfect life, the perfect partner, the perfect everything. In many ways, Libra is searching for what Pisces already has, except that Libra wants the dream to be a reality, while Pisces is quite content for it to remain a dream. For Pisces and Libra, compatibility faces its biggest test when reality comes into conflict with the romantic castle these two have built for themselves. Can they cope?

Unfortunately, when life gets tough, Libra and Pisces compatibility can waver, because both partners have contradictory needs. Libra needs to talk it out, to rationalise and to come up with ideas to get back to that idealistic state. Pisces on the other hand, can be overwhelmed by the emotion of it all, and will withdraw completely, not wanting to talk and seeking tactile emotional support that Libra simply isn’t equipped to give. During times of stress and pressure, Libra can find Pisces much too vulnerable and needy, while Pisces will find Libra too emotionally detached and not in touch with their feelings. Pisces and Libra compatibility, so obvious and so easy during the good times, can evaporate like a puddle under a warm wind – these are water and air signs after all.

In the worst case scenario, both Pisces and Libra turn to escapism to help them cope. Libra will strategise and hope for the best while failing to actually deal with the problem, avoiding conflict at all costs. Pisces will lie, even to themselves, and can turn to drink or drugs to cope with depression when their illusions and dreams are shattered. Unfortunately for Pisces and Libra, compatibility requires a heavy dose of reality which neither are really emotionally ready for.

However, at the heart of this relationship lies a shared kindness and a pair of good, true, decent and loving hearts. Although Libra and Pisces compatibility may suffer during a crisis, there is a spiritual link between the two which can over-ride the difficulties. Where true love is present, both of these eternally romantic people will do their very best to salvage what they have together, and that kind of shared commitment to each other cannot be underestimated. It might drift along somewhat aimlessly at times, and at other times the couple might circle one another warily, neither really providing what the other needs, but there is a certain kind of magic here when it works well, and that can often be enough.

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  1. I’m a libra male and her, she is a pisces. She certainly was a dreamer just like I was when we first met in high-school. It was strange I always had this attraction towards her like a magnetic feeling. Fast forward to my junior year, (her sophomore) we finally met through mutual friends but, she was taken already. That moment we met was dreamy as hell, almost like a scene in the movies. It took awhile to have her as a girlfriend but, it was valentines 2012 I’ll never forget (even though its been about a year lol) I swooped her from her feet and boy it was so blissful. I had surprised her at school with chocolates and flowers. Anyways long story short I think it was more of an infatuation, our teen lust left us writhing in pleasure.. She had beautiful blue eyes that everyone complimented, she was tall and lithe, very famine too.. I know there was love between us but we were too afraid to ACTUALLY show it since she knew I had a reputation, but I know deep inside I love her still and always will.. But that was then my own personal love story, dream, and movie. We sure did turn heads while we strolled through malls, parks, whenever.. We where that couple that you see and contemplate about their “perfect” lives but in reality it’s chaos.. But obviously they had it made..

    • Dude way to explain my story as well. I’m a Libra and she’s a pisces,but when we’re around together we never really showed we were “Together.” It did get to the point where we didn’t say anything to each other much referring to fhe escapist part of the relationship but I guess the only real ground we had was our amazing friendship, then it lead to a mutual love for one another. It’s still kind of silent but I hope it gets better.

  2. Wow… sums us up

  3. Libra wife…the talker. My Pisces husband will shut down. Its been a tough go at times but we are drawn to each other.

  4. I am Pisces male most of the things i read here so true pisces are lazy in actions while libras are quicker and need quick responses by pisces. To all those pisces male and libra female I tell you what just patch up again if you have 1 remaining chance and libra female should work hard to stick pisces male into reality. Reality is everything dreams are nothing until they changed into reality. Pisces feels insecure that’s why they can’t tell everything to everyone. Don’t think wrong. Be positive and stay happy. As much i know, hey libras If you stick your pisces male with reality, Jokes & happy atmosphere. You are the winner OF ALL TIME. Libras females ike to go outside all the time and want to friendship with everyone but please be sure not to talk with males as a close friend it will hurt pisces alot inside and they may go in dreams again which cause problem and change in behavior which you may be not like it. Most romantic relationship are of these twos. (( What do you SAY? ))

    • Why do libra have to do everything? What can pisces do for them to make them stay happy?

  5. Libra woman soon to marry my Picean man. I’m looking forward to the journey.


  7. I’m a pisces female, hubby libra male and it’s weird but he doesn’t like to talk things out and shuts down. He’s lazy at times and we truly are very different but he does make me feel protected and safe and provides and is sweet at times but he isn’t romantic 🙁 not much at all. I love being active and trying just about anything but most of the time he wants to just watch tv and has very low energy. I’m way more sexual than he and often doesn’t meet my needs. He is very sincere and loyal and does work hard but lazy at pretty much everything else other than work. He’s can be cold sometimes, I’m way more affectionate than he but we are in this for the long haul and although we are very different we find in each other what we couldn’t find in others, mutual respect, loyalty and compassion. Once we married he stopped wooing me it seems just routine now. I often escape to my dream world to imagine a much happier union or escape to read romantic novels to feel those feelings I lack and the excitement that’s no longer there.

    • Margo are you still with him?

    • Hi Margo, Been there done that. I am Pisces (3/11). My latest relationship with a Libra (10/10) lasted 2 years and half. You are right: the guy (svg) had his routines, his “to do list”, I was always the last thing in his list. No fire at all. I am very sensual myself, and yes, we had chemistry but he was not that type that will leave a sexual print in your life either…it was all about brain, no feelings, maybe because he didn’t have them. The worst is I was used by this Libra man. I opened my heart and wore my pink color glasses as I do in every relationship, I even enhanced his self steam so he could feel better about himself…nevertheless…this Libra manipulated me all the time, used me and still doing it…right before kicking me out he made me pay for $150 paint of his pool’s deck, he managed to get a leased car in my name because my credit is excellent while his sucks, he is a driver in my automobile insurance policy which is saving him $200 a month, he kept my $3K refrigerator with no intention of returning it, as well as my xmas decorations and so forth, I almost had to leave his house only with my clothes as he was complaining about me taking my things back with me, and latest but no least I wanted to purchase an apartment in a 55+ community that I could not purchase because I was 49 years old, I had the money, I found the apartment, I made clear I wanted to live there and asked him for help to purchase it and then sell it back to me when I turned 55…how disappointing..he kept it for himself and have no intention of honoring his word..it was the best real state deal ever..All I know is if I die and reborn and I would have the options of “pick and chose” everyone that’s been in my life, I would do all over again, but getting involved with this selfish prick Libra man. I am praying so I can forgive, and hopefully God will.

  8. I’m a Libra women and my husband is a Picese he can take things too serious at times like if get call me and I don’t answer my phone in time he will get mad at me shut down and will not talk like is it that serious he can do the same thing to me and it want bother me I mean it just can’t be that serious

  9. I’m a Pisces woman, and I just started dating a Libra Man. He seems to want to fill me up with nothing but romance and I feel secure with our relationship. We’ve only known each other for a few months and he says he loves me and wants to marry me already. Wow

    • Watch out! The one that I mentioned above…my ex libra man, he did the same. In less than 2 months he asked me to move in with him. He may had noticed you are a giver that would take care of him, and chances are he will take advantage of you. Hopefully not, but just be careful. When something sounds to good to be true..?? As a Pisces female, follow your guts and looks for signs..I had them, but because I like to wear my pink color glasses, I didn’t want to see the signs…and of course, deception and deceive followed. Good Luck!

    • Thats cause he does in real life dont ask him how he feels if he telling you

  10. Libra woman an in love with pisces man…chemistry is so real..was together then broke up and trying to get back after 5 years..i know in my heart he is the love of my life.

    • Libra girl w/Pisces man… off again on again for last five years. We have two children together. Our relationship has been a beautiful nightmare. I love him to the ends of the earth. We fight viciously though. But when it’s good it’s so so sweet! We’ve dated other people but we always come back to each other. Pisces has such a big heart they get hurt easily especially by careless words muttered out of anger. To all you Librans: don’t be hasty with your words when it comes to your Pisces, they are hurt easily and may lose trust in you over things that may seem small, or even if you’ve somehow justified bad behavior in your mind.. be careful.. you might end up pushing your very loyal Pisces away. We are still always there for each other but it’s like this article says: we circle each other in hard times not able to give what the other needs. I’ll never be the same after falling for my Pisces man. I crave him when we aren’t together. It’s crazy.

  11. Libra woman pisces man both newly divorced. He has young children 3 businesses and overwhelmed but won’t let me help him. However I was working at 2 am he wanted to come get me cuz he needed me. But forgot I was working and not believing me. We just met and I being Libra feel a deep cconnectio to him. We r both very sexual and passionate.
    I hope all works out.

  12. Piscean lesbian with a libra partner. All good over here. 10 years and counting!

  13. I met a Pisces woman in Vegas on Sunday… We talked for hours… I’m in love with her… She is wise, soft spoken, beautiful etc

    I’m going to get her, you watch!

  14. Pisces woman dating a Libra woman. I will say that our connection is unreal. We have yet to encounter any serious issues as of yet, but after reading, I’m sure we will do just fine.

  15. Libran girl in love with a piscean girl from school. I tend to find that we are equally as affectionate to each other (we are good friends) I came on here to see if it might be a good idea to become more than friends.

    • I’m a pisces woman….I’m in love with a libra man..since i was in class7…now I’m in college 1st year… He knows about my feelings..last month he got to know..still we talk..sometimes he behave as if he also loves me..and sometimes as if there is nothing for me in his heart…I can’t understand..But I will wait…

  16. I’m A Pisces Female And My boyfriend is A Libra we’ve been dating 4months about to be 5months and we love each other but we’re taking things slow still and we’re very attracted to each other we plan on moving in with each other 2 years from now though. I think a Pisces and a Libra is a very well match, even though we argue we make it through but of course every relationship has arguments so I say Libra’s and Pisces make a very well couple.

  17. I’m Pisces woman … I like Dis Libra man alot but I am confuse as I have read a lot about pisces and libra compatibility .. What to do.. ??

    • Hey Payal, thanks for your comment, as you may be aware, there are so many more factors in relationship astrology than just each person’s sun signs and for that reason we offer a detailed compatibility report service here It is a great way to discover the actual attraction dynamics that are unique to your situation….

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