Aries Man and Scorpio Woman

The Aries man is used to being the alpha male, but in the Scorpio woman he may have met his match. She is a powerful and magnetic woman in her own right, and she will not tolerate the Aries man’s childishness or selfishness – yet he is irresistibly drawn to her. Will he mend his ways, or will she subdue her own passions in order to do as she’s told by the Aries guy boss?


aries-man-scorpio-woman-compatibilityPowerful Individuals

In truth, neither. The Aries man Scorpio woman relationship can be a fascinating but tumultuous one, but compatibility here is surprisingly strong. The key is that both of these characters are independent in their own ways, and both are individuals with enormous reserves of inner strength. Aries man Scorpio woman compatibility is packed with intensity, but it works where there is mutual respect and honesty.

Sexually, this affair is extremely passionate and searingly deep. The Aries man has a huge sex drive, while the Scorpio woman has an almost legendary reputation as a femme fatale or seductress. There’s very little these two won’t get up to in the privacy of their own home, and this alone is a very strong bond. There’s a great deal of emotional rawness about their relationship too. The Scorpio woman’s depth of feeling is incredible and she will move heaven and earth to be with her Aries man if that’s what she decides she wants. She makes the Aries man feel emotions more powerfully than he’s ever experienced before, which is intoxicating to him.

There’s a sound astrological reason why Aries man Scorpio woman compatibility is so strong – Aries is ruled by Mars, and Scorpio was too, before the discovery of Pluto. It’s this deep, strong driving force which they both have in common; they share an understanding of what it’s like to live on a rollercoaster.


aries-man-compatibility-scorpio-womanJealousy, Anger and Grudges

There will be rows – oh, the rows. The Scorpio woman is exceptionally jealous and will seethe with fury if she feels her Aries man is flirting elsewhere. He in turn will feel his pride and masculinity wounded when he sees other men falling at her feet – there will always be a competitive edge between these two, and it’s likely to be based on sex or sexuality. Screaming rages are the norm in this household, but the passionate making up afterwards is also sincere and heartfelt. They don’t stay angry with one another for long, although the Scorpio woman does bear grudges and may well infuriate the Aries man by bringing up his misdemeanors from years ago.

When they set their joint hearts on something – whether it’s personal ambitions, family goals or a joint business – very little can stand in the way of the Aries man and Scorpio woman combination. They are a formidable team. Dynamic and expressive as parents, they live by their own rules and care little for how society says their family unit should behave. For the Aries man and Scorpio woman, compatibility really can last a lifetime – although the casual observer might be forgiven for wondering how they manage to stick it out given the intensity of their arguments!

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