5 Hints for Loving a Pisces

When you think of relationship compatibility, Pisces – gentle, serene Pisces – probably tops the list as one of the most romantic signs of the lot. Pisces is a true romantic, but in order to keep the romance alive, there are some definite dos and some definite do nots when you’re in love with one of these mystical beings. Read on for 5 hints for loving a Pisces.

1 – Embrace the Mystical

If you’re in love with a Pisces, you probably already know that they don’t truly inhabit this world. These ethereal souls only visit, so it seems, and spend the rest of the time in a dream world, a fantasy world, a world of their own imagination. In love compatibility, Pisces needs a partner who understands and accepts their on-off relationship with reality, and who doesn’t expect them to face up to the big bad world without a lot of support. Your Pisces lover is into all things mystical and spiritual too, and would like a partner who either supports or at the very least doesn’t hinder their spiritual development.

2 – Don’t be Controlling

For all their lovable qualities, it must be said that Pisces is the most easily led of all zodiac signs. If you’re a stronger minded soul, it’s very easy for you to control your Pisces mate – and that, of course, can turn into a very bad thing indeed. Resist the urge to get your own way all of the time, and make sure that you give your Pisces lover the respect he or she deserves. When it comes to compatibility, Pisces needs a partner who does not treat them like a doormat.

3 – Think Sensuality Rather Than Sex

Pisces is a deeply sensual sign, and loves gentle, tender, romantic sex. Anything crude, rough or overtly odd will turn your Pisces lover right off. Set the mood carefully to ensure sexual compatibility; Pisces hearts melt with candles, music and perfume, but don’t expect your lover to be thrilled with a quick fumble up against a wall. Take time to charm Piscean senses and you’ll be rewarded with a partner who can turn sex into an almost mystical experience.

4 – Dream Big Dreams

It’s Pisces’ job to dream. It’s what they do. You might think that such dreams and fantasies are a waste of time, if you’re a more practical soul, but you should know that by dismissing your lover’s dreams, you are damaging his or her very essence. Instead, help your Pisces lover to make those dreams a reality, or to gently adjust his or her expectations if the dreams are simply impractical. Be positive, be uplifting, be optimistic and watch the benefits to your compatibility. Pisces yearns for a partner who will support him or her, so be the one to do so.

5 – Encourage Independence

If you’re in love with a Pisces, consider it your duty to help Pisces stand on his or her own two feet. Although every bit as capable as the next person, Pisces does tend to run away from problems and to escape from the real world via drink or drugs if they feel it necessary. To increase your love compatibility, Pisces needs to know that you will be there for him or her, and that it’s safe for your lover to face the world. Encourage your Pisces partner to take up new hobbies and to meet new friends – anything you can do to broaden his or her experience of the world is bound to be a positive thing. If you succeed in working on this area of your joint compatibility, signs are good that your relationship will thrive in the future.

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