Aquarius Man and Sagittarius Woman

When the Aquarius man falls in love with the Sagittarius woman, two of the zodiac’s free spirits get together – and what? Settle down? Change the world? Both, possibly.


aquarius-man-sagittarius-woman-compatibilityA Non-Traditional Relationship

There’s an immediate and obvious attraction between the Aquarius man and the Sagittarius woman. Both of these partners are passionate about their personal freedom and both will resist restrictions of any kind. As you can imagine, therefore, they’re not likely to fall into a traditional marriage, or make a quick commitment to each other. What they will do, however, is strike up a very firm friendship which will eventually lead to romance. Aquarius man Sagittarius woman compatibility will always retain this base of friendship, which is a very positive sign.

Because neither partner places restrictions on the other, infidelity is quite common between these partners. Where they are unfaithful, however, they will be so openly and honestly – neither partner is into deception or lies, and both partners will approach the other with an upfront take it or leave it attitude. This partnership, more than most, can survive infidelity to some extent, because Aquarius man Sagittarius woman is based on a mutual respect for each other’s boundaries.

Part of the problem is that the sexual compatibility between this couple isn’t all that high. The Sagittarius woman is a fire sign and is a strong, sexual being. The Aquarius man, however, is cool and emotionally distant, and will struggle to reciprocate that passion. He will warm up over time, but this isn’t going to be a full on, steamy relationship – sex is not what holds this couple together. Aquarius man Sagittarius woman compatibility is more a meeting of minds and principles.


aquarius-man-compatibility-sagittarius-womanVisionary Goals

The couple do share many goals – they are both visionaries, and they both want to see a better future. They are also direct and honest with each other, and of course they share a disdain for convention. Since they largely agree on things like money and parenting, there won’t be that many rows in this partnership. When they do happen, the Sagittarius woman is likely to storm off in disgust, while her Aquarius man will try to reason things through. She’ll be back though; her temper dissipates quickly and she doesn’t hold a grudge. Aquarius man Sagittarius woman compatibility is unlikely to collapse over a row.

Where it might run into trouble, however, is on a practical level. Eventually, this couple will settle down, encouraged by the fact that neither one of them is forcing the other to settle. But when they do, their household is likely to be highly disorganized and chaotic. Because neither partner is good with the mundane details of daily life, bills may go unpaid and debt can mount. When real life problems hit and the relationship suddenly isn’t so much fun any more, Aquarius man Sagittarius woman compatibility can evaporate. This is definitely a fun relationship while the couple can play adventurers, but it’s less strong in the face of a cruel world.

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