Pisces and Scorpio Compatibility: The Dreamer and the Sorcerer

Both of these signs deal in magic, whether it’s the potent sorcery of Scorpio or the subtle fantasy of Pisces. As such, Pisces and Scorpio compatibility can be one of the most magical and alluring of all zodiac sign matches. If you have a question about this astrology relationship, ask it here, or why not order an Astromatcha compatibility report for in-depth coverage of this beautiful partnership?

Pisces and Scorpio understand one another intimately. Both water signs, they are two of the most emotional signs in the zodiac, and they both know what it is like to be overwhelmed by feelings. This is a strongly intuitive relationship, founded on a base of these shared emotional strengths. Crucially, however, because the relationship is so intense, both partners also need time away from it. Pisces and Scorpio compatibility is blessed with a mutual understanding which really helps here. Both partners understand the other’s need for occasional solitude, and neither will take it personally. Pisces accepts Scorpio’s need for solitary, secretive time, and Scorpio definitely “gets” Pisces need to escape into a fantasy.

Scorpio is one of the most passionate signs in the zodiac, and Pisces is one of the most romantic. When this couple gets together, there is an immediate sexual attraction, and an enduring magnetism. Both are given to extreme highs and lows, mind, so this relationship doesn’t seem to have any middle ground. The couple are either blissfully, passionately, intoxicatingly in love….or engaged in all out, spiteful, damaging war. They’re never just “OK”. Veering from one end of the spectrum to the other is exhausting for both Pisces and Scorpio; compatibility between the two, however is heightened again because of this shared way of reacting to the world.

At home, this couple will create an unbeatable and atmospheric partnership, no doubt infused with a certain degree of otherworldly, mystical, hard to put your finger on spirituality. Gentle Pisces, the archetypal Dreamer, brings softness and kindness to the harsher edges of Scorpio, the mythical Sorcerer. In return, Scorpio provides strength and stability for Pisces, and can help Pisces focus on their goals and ambitions. Scorpio is a fixed sign, and will be the one thing Pisces can rely upon; Pisces on the other hand, is a mutable sign, and will fit in beautifully and happily with Scorpio’s deeper wishes and choices. Pisces and Scorpio compatibility works well in this regard, because Scorpio wants to the leader and Pisces likes to follow.

There are one or two possible issues which could cloud this otherwise delightful partnership. The all-controlling Sorcerer likes to keep his or her lovers close, but Pisces is elusive, and hard to pin down. If Scorpio jealousy rears its ugly head, Pisces can be suffocated. Holding on far too tight is always a problem for Scorpio, and Pisces compatibility with the Sorcerer runs into problems when Scorpio cannot let go. The zodiac’s Dreamer might also find it hard to cope with the darker side of Scorpio. When lust, power struggles, revenge and scheming are on the agenda, Pisces can easily be harmed by all that negativity, and dragged into emotions they will find it hard to escape from.

Aside from possibly harming one another emotionally, this couple might also find themselves up against a very tough world. Because both signs are water signs and completely led by their emotions, it will be difficult for them to find objectivity when life gets difficult for whatever reason. They can easily send one another deeper and deeper into spirals of despair – hopefully, one or both partners will have some earth or air influences elsewhere in their chart to counteract this possibility. Otherwise, there is always the danger that Pisces and Scorpio compatibility, beautiful though it is, will let both partners down just when they need one another the most.

Overall, however, this is a highly positive astrology compatibility match, and potentially one of the strongest and most enduring relationships of all. Trust is a big issue for Scorpio, and Pisces compatibility is easily abused too, so both of these signs will find in one another someone they can rely upon. Fiercely loyal to one another and protective of the magic they have created together, you’ll be hard pressed to find a couple more devoted than Pisces and Scorpio. Compatibility at its romantic best, perhaps?

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  1. Can the Scorpio become abusive due to their jealousy?

    • Not in our case…never. My Pisces partner was abused enough in her life and any abuse will certainly NOT come from my hand or heart. I desire for her only good…always…and that is true love. 30 years worth!

    • I’m a Scorpio and my partner is a pieces, I was real jealous of little things but it was more the other way around. Piece men can be so hateful its good if your a Scorpio to learn to trust and let go it really helps. In saying this Scorpios and be abusive in different ways emotionally or physically sometimes both.

    • Yes ,me being a scorpio

  2. This is pretty true accept I’m the one who has trouble letting go and I’m the clingy one (I’m a Pisces). I get jealous when they spend time with other friends.

  3. IM a Pisces and he’s a scorpio totally agree with this

  4. I am a pisces male and she is a scorpio. IT IS PURE MAGIC! Everything is PURE BLISSFULLNESS and we are in totall love with eachother. The romance is so intense that we have multipal multipal orgasims and sex is often and beautiful !!! We thrive on eachothers emotions. its heaven

  5. Im pisces female and boyfriend is Scorpio, and this couldnt be any more true

  6. I am a Scorpio, male, and have just started talking to a Pisces female. I have very high, thick walls built up (trust issues) due to my last relationship. It is hard to explain, but it only took a few days before I felt this chemistry with her. I have read several articles warning that a Pisces can easily be smothered, but I’m not sure where that line is because it has been fifteen years since I last dated. All of the articles I have read sound like this one. If this magic I feel when we talk is real, and these articles are correct, I do not want to miss out on (at the very least) a great friendship. Any suggestions?

    • Talk you your pisces about works best for them. Sometimes all it is is to let them have a day with there friends or or spa day.

    • Pisces gets smothered slowly, over time. May take years… and you may see them start slipping away from u. I’m a Libra (female) with Scorpio ascending.. he’s a Pisces with Sagittarius ascending. This article holds a lot of truth for us as well.

    • I am on the oposite of this. Pisces female newly independent and I like my me time…but my scorpio male is hard to read. He has been single for 10 years..any Insight would be great. I like my me time to recharge and process things to how I want to perceive them.

  7. I’m a Pisces, and first time I met him(Scorpio) I was extremely attracted him. And When we spoke more and more, I realised how amazing he was. Being next to him or even just being in the same room is enough to just driver me insane with Lust. A glance from him and I’m totally done for. And my thoughts are filled with just him, I don’t think I could ever forget him.

  8. I’m a scorpio female, and my other half is a male pisces and this couldn’t be more true. The first time we talked, our interests lined up, and we conversed for hours on end. The first time we met, we couldn’t stop staring at each other; something I have never encountered before because I was always one to shy away from another’s eye contact but with him… I can’t look away. It’s not just the fact that we both love adventure, adrenaline, nature and all that is beauty in both art and music, it’s also that our intuitiveness is strong. We both have a strong sense of philosophy, that when talking about poetry, we both have different interpretations, but they both make sense to us, even when people looking on have no idea of the magic going on in our heads. I have always been one for openness, willing to attempt anything at least once, and he is the provider of those daring needs. He takes me to new places that we both can enjoy, and even then I would have a nature high, maybe straying father ahead of him while he stays back to look on, giving me just enough space to breathe it all in, as if he KNOWS exactly what is on my mind and how I’m feeling. Like he gets it. And I love it… I absolutely love it all. I love the feeling I get when he looks at me, when he brushes his fingertips against my cheek. There is a perfect balance between our sexual passion and emotional connection, and I have yet to see any issues conflict with us. He’s perfect. I love him.

  9. I am a scorpio (female) and my lover is a pisces (male). He and I fight a lot but our love is strong because he and I always come back to each other. He is my best friend. When we first met I felt this instance connection with him. Our first kiss confirmed it. He is the love of my life and I am so happy to have him in my life. I have never been more close to someone. I absolutely agree with this. I hope that he and I last a long time because I wouldnt want anyone else to be my better half! I love you!

  10. I (pices woman) just read this article and it couldn’t be more true. I ran into an old Scorpio lover of mines from my younger years and our chemistry even when we are simply having a conversation, is out of this world. I couldn’t figure out what it was between us back then and I still can’t even until this very day…so I decided to look it up. This definitely shed some light…. 🙂

  11. I am a scorpion woman and my man is a Pisces the sexual contact is out of this world we knew from day one we would have one another for life I his bonnie and he is my Clyde

  12. Not sure if that’s working with my Pisces . I’m a Scorpio lady with a guy Pisces guy and every time I try to make his romantic side shine he pushes it away playing hard to get but when were together a different side shines passion lovely sexual caring but away is like a different side of a Pisces . how can I work with this ?

  13. So here’s the thing, when I first seen him(Scorpio) in the hallways of my school, I knew right there, right when, I wanted to get to know him, I felt a connection right away, right before I even had the courage to talk to him. I felt like I’ve always known him, through my entire life, even by not even talking to him. I just felt that connection. I felt a whole galaxy in my heart, filling with blankets of stars. Sure, I’ve had star crossed lovers in my life before, Scars from all of them in my hearts. But meeting this one particular boy, sewed sunshine in my heart. He stitched up every pain, every memory, every little bit of everyone I’ve ever dated didn’t matter to me. I had no regrets, nothing. The best memory I’ve ever made in this life was meeting him, the one. I was first introduced to him when I walked into a room filled with all my friends, I seen him there, I felt like it was meant to be, since somehow he made friends with mine. My friends were the weird bunch of the patch, they were crazy, but I loved each and everyone of them for who they we’re. They never cared for what anyone thought of them. That later on inspired me. Austin, my love, at the time I didn’t even know.. Became my bestfriend, but when I met him, I was head over heels for this other guy. I dated him for about two years, but I felt like I was single through most of it. Constantly fighting. He later on cheated on me with his best friend. I got over that fast, I felt like I wasted two years on someone that didn’t even deserve my time. A few months later, I thought I should give Austin a chance, since I felt right away there was something special there. And believe me there is. He’s my star lover, the love of my life. The only love I want is his, if I can’t have it, I want another world, so I can start all over and find him again and fall in love with him all over, until I get it right. I will always be in love with him and maybe that’s what I felt when I seen him in the hallways, I probably did know him in the past life, but I let him go because I probably felt smothered by his love. So I’m just reliving my past life to get this moment right for once. He never ever gets jealous, so we’ve never had a fight, I don’t get jealous much either and that’s why the past relationships didn’t work out cause they were always getting jealous, when I can’t control what other boys say to me. Fighting with Austin never comes to mind, never. I don’t think it will. The other night I slept over at his house for the first time, we were intimate, passionate, in love. Gazing into one another’s eyes, until one gave in. Kissing passionately, little did I know, I felt my heart raising, I’ve never felt this way, ever. Pisces are usually shy with these kinds of things, especially this little one. I wasn’t the type to share those feelings towards being in love, to feel the desire, to want. I felt those feelings. I felt open towards him, so I let him in, I let him. Not regretting anything, I let him. It felt magical, and still I continue to dream of what happened that night, and ever since on. It was beautiful. ♡

  14. Man this is almost dead on I’m a Scorpio man and I have a Pisces woman who I love more than anything although sometimes my jealousy and trust issues can get in the way

  15. I was married to a Scorpio woman, notice was. It worked for awhile, ended very, very, bad. I’m the one that ended it. Could have been that she was whit trash, and I’m not. Sex was just okay. She couldn’t keep up.

  16. I feel this is so true. Im a Scorpio and my boyfriend a Pisces. This just explain us all the way.

  17. I’m a pisces woman, my first, and true love was a Scorpio male. This article almost brought me to tears because of its accuracy. I loved this man more than life itself, but we didn’t last. The chemistry, sex, and spiritual connection was BLISSFUL! I haven’t loved anyone as much as I’ve loved him, and no man has ever hurt me as bad as he did… Scorpio men are capable of being extremely vicious. I gave him every reason to trust me, but he just never did. He was so wrapped up in his own misery that he took my love and affection, our bond and connection for granted… it took years to get over him… And as soon as I did, he tries to charm himself back into my life like he’s always loved me and never stopped…. Scorpio men can be so moody and complicated.
    With all the pain he’s put me through, what hurts the worst is that I’ve always loved him and never stopped… and I’ll never tell him that…

  18. My heart was smashed by my pisces ex. Insensitive and a serial cheater.

  19. My other half (Scorpio) and I (Pisces) have known each other since we were young (6th grade, in fact) and this couldn’t be more true. I had the hugest crush on him while we were growing up, and at the same time I could hardly stand to be in the same room as him. We were constantly at each other’s throats, did whatever we could think of to torment the other. After graduation though as we both matured though, we grew into good friends despite dating other people. Then when we were both finally single for a while, and he moved back to our home town, it was like something had completely switched. I think it definitely helped that we’ve known each other as long as what we have, but I couldn’t ask for better chemistry or someone who understands and just gets me as much as he does. Even when we “fight” now, it’s playful I-get-mad-for-two-minutes then we’re back to normal, and whatever it was, is behind us. I couldn’t imagine spending the rest of my life with anybody else. <3

  20. I’m a Scorpio woman my guys a Pisces sex is great impossible to trust him though since he cheated on me multiple times pretending it didn’t happen is so hard I love him like crazy and I know he loves me but i wish his love showed as much as mine there words are so mean amd nasty when you do nothing but help them they expect the world to bee handes too them they act like theyre better then you talk down too you but i guess im just one of the scorpion girls whoneeds a lot of ATTN. He always comes back which I love that part males me feel special or needed but our fights are crazy bad only because I want him to quit drugs . I know our relationship would be great if he didn’t do drugs we ignore eachother when were mad after a big blowout but he always texts me or comes to see me first i dont think Faithful is in a Pisces vocabulary though they are very selfish to another persons needs an needing of affection ….or maybe its just my Pisces that needs to learn how to treat a Scorpio woman…M

  21. I would never date another pisces they break your heart and then be a ass hole about it pisces and I’m still hurt over it but it will past scorpio woman

  22. – im a pisces women march 13 ,
    and my man is a scorpio nov 17, these two Signs are 100% compatiable water signs out of all the signs scorpio and pisces are the BEST RELATIONSHIP SIGNS EVER !! in my relationship with my scorpio
    we are sooo damnn craazy and difficult like we argue cuss at each other but we just love eachh other so muchh WE can relate about everything!! we both have the same personality we both have a STRONG!! understanding about each other we cant let each other go were like bestfriends and lovers. It will be 4 years next year we started off friends and became a couple i love him and thiss is very true the traits of a scorpio is dark and very sexual and they love hard when they love some1 they love them ALOT!! they are possesive && controlling but they will learn how to control it during the relationship now pisces traits we are mysterious , hard to figure out and quiet but we are soo loyal , && we are the best!! listeners and we are honest and passive aggresive at times && we are the comfort sign we love to be happy and relaxed && this brings peace to the hard headed scorpio we have tender caring loving just like the scorpio does we can treat our scorpio with the up most respect only if they give us that backk .. but things might become a challenge between these two us pisces are known for leaving without notice .. but we wont do that if you give us what we need which is honesty , love , and happiness && freedom because we need our SPACE !! .. we wont leave our scorpio if you give us that.And in order to keep ur scorpio all u have to do is give the scorpio attention , sexual healing , and dont LIE !! be real and The whole relationship Will be a masterpiece .❤️

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