5 Simple Ways to Win the Heart of a Taurus

When it comes to romantic compatibility, Taurus is a pretty laid back and easy to please sign. In fact, being ruled by Venus, Taurus is one of the most loving signs of the zodiac. Taurus compatibility, no matter what your own sign is, can be enhanced by following these five simple tips.

1 – Enjoy the Good Things in Life

Taurus absolutely adores good food, good wine, beautiful possessions, and fine surroundings, so woo your Taurus with some special outings or thoughtful gifts. Although it sounds expensive, this issue isn’t really about money, more about being appropriately lavish with whatever level of money you do have – for unbeatable compatibility, Taurus enjoys the company of partners who aren’t afraid to splash out on quality items rather than cheap stuff. And if that sounds materialistic – well, yes, Taurus is.

2 – Pile on the Affection

A very good natured, good humoured and tactile sign, Taurus enjoys lots of physicality in a relationship. Surround your Taurus lover with kisses, hugs and lots of physical affection on public in order to cement your compatibility – Taurus can’t stand people who are all over him or her in private but too restrained in public. Whether it’s a kind word, a loving smile or a warm cuddle, pay lots of attention to your Taurus and you’ll find that they repay you in more ways than one.

3 – Be a Creature of Habit

Taurus likes routines. Taurus likes routines a lot. There’s nothing wrong with that, of course, but if you’re a somewhat flightier person you may have to restrain yourself. Make sure that you respect the Taurus agenda in order to boost your compatibility. Taurus doesn’t like surprises, and doesn’t like to have their life messed about, so if you can’t keep things on an even keel at least give your Taurus lover lots and lots of notice, and lots and lots of encouragement when they have to step out of their comfort zone.

4 – Create a Safety Zone

The beautiful, romantic, gentle and kind nature of Taurus shows at its best when he or she feels absolutely safe and secure. In love compatibility, Taurus needs to know for certain that your love can be relied upon. Provoking jealousy or possessiveness is an absolute no-no if you want to keep your Taurus lover. If you give him or her cause to doubt you, it will take a long time to win back that trust, so think twice, thrice and more before you let Taurus down in any way. Once he or she feels safe with you, you’ll find a companion that you too, in turn, can trust for life.

5 – Seduce the Senses

As an earth sign, Taurus is exceptionally sensual. To boost your sexual compatibility, Taurus would love it if you slow right down and take your time. Think about all of the senses and indulge your Taurus lover with delights to see, taste and touch. Think ice cream and feathers, blindfolds and lots of mystery. Taurus will come alive when he or she feels completely safe with you but not before, though, so don’t rush into any of these games until you’re certain that your Taurus lover is ready.

A great match with many signs of the zodiac, Taurus compatibility is a treasure for anyone willing to be patient with these sweet and gentle individuals. Once a Taurus has captured your heart, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without him or her. Find out more about your relationship with your Taurus partner by ordering an Astromatcha compatibility report, or browse our range of astrology compatibility articles.

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  1. very true

  2. Absolutely correct. Im with a taurus guy now

  3. Some good stuff here. Pretty accurate.

  4. Idk about this taurus guy. He broke my heart thinking I was the one for him. He was an extremely great guy. But then gave me the cold shoulder after we had an amazing trip to California, he was all happy and said that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with me, I nearly cried. On our way back to Arizona everything was good until the next day he was a completely different person, his whole attitude changed, I never asked him what was wrong but I should’ve though, all he told me was that he needed to take a Break and I was devastated. Maybe it’s because I have three kids because he doesn’t have kids of his own, but I wish I could’ve talked to him about what was wrong. So now I’m dealing with a broken heart, and think he’s moved on because my sister said he saw him back with his ex.. so idk this taurus guy likes to drink and do drugs on the side, but minus those things he was a really great guy that I loved.

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