5 Aquarius Relationship Secrets You Should Know

In love compatibility, Aquarius is a quirky, independent and quite tricky to pin down individual, but one with a huge amount of love and joy to bring to the right partner. If you’re in love with an Aquarius, read on for a quick guide to the 5 Aquarius relationship secrets you should know.

1 – Debate is Good

Everything turns into a debate with Aquarius, but the first and probably most important love secret about this sign is that debate is a good thing. It is not the same as having an argument. Repeat that to yourself often if you’re in love with an Aquarius. Differences of opinion are often healthy for relationship compatibility; Aquarius is an expert at differences of opinion, managing to hold numerous contrasting opinions on the same subject before breakfast, so your relationship should certainly involve a healthy amount of intellectual to and fro. Even if you tire of the constant discussion and would rather just agree with your Aquarius lover for the sake of a quiet life – don’t be tempted. As soon as the intellectual battling dies off, Aquarius will be looking for a new partner elsewhere. Almost uniquely among zodiac signs, compatibility for Aquarius increases with the amount of sparring going on.


2 – Give your Aquarius Lover Options

In a similar vein, nothing is ever cut and dried for your Aquarius lover. When you need him or her to make a decision and you need it to be the decision you want it to be….resort to the same tactics you might use with a small child. Give them options. If you want to go out for the night, offer them a choice of cinema or gig, rather than a choice of going out or not going out. Think toddlers and vegetables – you know, do you want broccoli or carrots rather than do you want veg. It’s devious, but it works, and in terms of your relationship compatibility, Aquarius will thank you for not limiting their freedom and for still giving them a chance to make a choice.


3 – Be Willing to Abandon Routine

Aquarius is an unpredictable sign, ruled by Uranus, and your Aquarius lover has a pathological horror of routines, rules and regulations. Deciding that you must do the same thing at the same time each week is one of the quickest ways to lose an Aquarian’s heart, so be prepared to be spontaneous. This could be tricky if you’re more set in your ways than your Aquarius partner is, but you’re going to have to compromise on this one, because this freedom is simply too important to your partner. Try to look delighted when he or she announces that they’ve booked a surprise night away on the same day as you’re meant to be visiting your Mum. They haven’t done it deliberately. Honest. Compatibility Aquarius style means adjusting to the unexpected just when you could really do with the tried and tested.

4 – Limit Emotional Scenes

Although your Aquarius lover has many talents and great qualities, emotional depth isn’t one of them. This sign is cool and quite emotionally detached, and is frankly frightened and turned off by major displays of emotion at either end of the emotional scale. If you’re the dramatic sort, try to tone down your reactions of joy and despair into something a little more regulated, something your Aquarius partner can cope with. In terms of your relationship compatibility, Aquarius needs you to level off those highs and lows just a touch.


5 – Be a Friend

Because Aquarius is such an intellectual sign, compatibility for them is a mental thing as much as it is a physical one. The relationship will thrive if it’s based on a shared friendship and mutual interests, so do try to take an interest in your Aquarius lover’s quirks and pastimes. It might seem contrary to suggest that you focus on being friends first and lovers second, but that really is the way this sign works when it comes to compatibility. Aquarius will love and respect you all the more if you don’t push the point and don’t try to force the relationship ahead of its time.

Out of all the zodiac signs, compatibility issues occur most frequently for Aquarius, because of this sign’s independent streak. For a full low down on your relationship with an Aquarius, try an Astromatcha astrology compatibility report, and go beyond the confines of Sun signs alone.

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  1. Can both aquarius be in relationships

    • Yes but be prepared to be in a roller coster of a lifetime. Both good and bad!

  2. Very true about Aquarians being the hardest to match. We go best with other Aquarians, or Capricorns, or for the men, Taurus women, and for the women, Sagittarius men.

  3. Yes they definitely can Storm, by understanding each person’s personality aspects, attitudes & styles which are revealed by each person’s birth chart.

    By knowing each other’s Moon sign, Mercury Sign, Venus sign & Mars sign, you get a much bigger picture of what will make the relationship work better, and they become keys for understanding each other better…. This is because Mercury rules communication in a relationship, Moon the feelings. Knowing what each of those signs are and the styles they bring to the relationship is like having a detailed road map for your journey together, which helps you to avoid and manage any obstacles!

    Our Complete Compatibility Answers Reading provides you with a detailed birth chart for each person free in addition to relationship and compatibility reports based on your unique birth date.

  4. So a virgo woman is not a good idea

  5. what about virgo woman (ascendant gemini, moon sign cancer) and aquarius (ascendant leo, moon sign cancer) ?!

  6. Virgo and Aquarius are a good match! Actually almost every sign can be but they say the hardest match is a Cancer with Aquarius because Cancers are all about emotions. Truth is you have to find aquarius interesting, never ever boring… Help them to help others because they are humanitarians! He or she will always put others before themselves. Yes they can debate a lot, but every sign has their ups & downs. Good luck!

  7. HAHAHAHA this was descriptive of me to the letter. I don’t personally believe in the horoscopes, but they are fun to read. I am an aquarius. A friend of mine sent me this link because she said it would give me insight into my own dating issues (of which I can say are many.) We are aloof, detached, mentally spontaneous, and never try to force us into something we don’t want to do because we do have an independent streak. I’ve been told I have a “spontaneous routine,” in which I enjoy certain activities, but will do them in varying degrees throughout a day at different times. You can’t hardly pin one of us down because we tend to be all over the place seeking new and unlimited ways we can gain experiences.

    I can say that my dating is very limited, especially on the committed scale. But two failed marriages will do that to you. We love people, we really do. But we also have issues with regards to how we feel in regards to commitment. It scares us! I can say it is honestly a revolting idea in many ways to me because in my head it means giving up a large piece of my independence. Also, hurt us once, you’ll never get that chance again.

    My advice when dating one “us,” simply relax and let time do the work. Hope my rambling and incoherent response helps.

    • Thanks for your light hearted view of the post Randy, we’re glad you enjoyed it!

    • You sound EXACTLY like my Aquarius! He is my soulmate, my rock, my protector, my hero, and my best friend!! We’ve been together 8 years now. Lots of ups, a few downs, but we always return to ‘US’. Loved your comment, it’s wild and truly beautiful how our birth charts tell EXACTLY who we are!

      Thanks for sharing,

      Virgo Woman

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