Leo Man and Cancer Woman

Astrological compatibility between neighboring signs isn’t always that strong, but for the Leo man and Cancer woman, a relationship can be a very powerful thing for both. This is a couple which understands each other on a karmic level, and where each partner has much to gain from the other.


leo-man-cancer-woman-compatibilitySteamy and Satisfying

If we think about what these partners are seeking from a relationship, we can straight away see where the attraction lies. The Cancer woman would like a man she can rely upon, someone faithful, steadfast and loyal, who will not rip her family to shreds and who can appreciate her gentle, romantic nature. The Leo man is exactly such a guy. He in turn seeks a woman he can be proud of, who will love and adore him and take care of his every need – and taking care of his needs is exactly what his nurturing Cancer woman would love to do. Leo man Cancer woman compatibility therefore gets off to a strong start.

As this relationship develops, the couple will find that they have excellent sexual compatibility too. As a fire and water sign combination, they produce a steamy sex life which will be very fulfilling for both partners. The Leo man brings passion and drama, while the Cancer woman brings a deep and soulful emotional connection. When this relationship is working well, the Leo man can boost the Cancer woman’s confidence, and his sunny disposition helps to ease her many worries. The Cancer woman can teach the Leo man to value his own emotions, and to put his family first, ahead of his own ambitions. In this way, Leo man Cancer woman compatibility is very balanced and mutually beneficial.


leo-man-compatibility-cancer-womanPower Behind the Throne

Technically, it’s the Leo man who is in charge in this relationship, which is just as well, since he loves to be in charge. In reality, however, the Cancer woman is a strong woman in her own right, and is the power behind the Leo man’s throne. She excels at running the family, even if she also works full time, and she will maintain an immaculate home, which suits the regal Leo’s man desire to be seen as being successful and glamorous. The nurturing Cancer woman doesn’t mind the Leo guy taking the credit in public, because she knows that he really does appreciate her in private. Together, strong Leo man Cancer woman compatibility ensures that this couple present a united front and come across as a very strong team.

Potential trouble spots in this relationship come in the form of the Leo man’s fiery temper. Because he flares up quickly but then forgives and forgets almost immediately, he sometimes fails to realize how hurtful his temper can be to someone sensitive like his Cancer woman. Her tears and anguish will make him feel very guilty, however, and he will always do his best to make it up to her. Sometimes, he struggles to understand her ever changing moods, and will try to cheer her up relentlessly, without giving her the time and space she needs to work her way through her own emotions. He hates to see her depressed, but the Leo man must learn that it’s not as simple for his Cancer woman to shake herself out of a mood.

Ultimately, however, Leo man Cancer woman compatibility is very strong. This couple complement each other very well and they each bring strength where the other is lacking. A relationship between a Leo man and a Cancer woman can be deeply loving, very mutually respectful and definitely one to watch for the long term.

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