How Does Birth Chart Compatibility Work?

So how does this astrology compatibility business actually work? Is it true that some signs get on with each other and some don’t? Can you really predict marriage or the failure of a relationship based just on someone’s birthday? Surely we’re not really saying that all Leos (one twelfth of the world, remember) should avoid Libras or will definitely fall in love with a Scorpio? For those new to birth chart compatibility, questions like these are common place, so let’s try to get to the bottom of astrological compatibility and explain a little about how it works.

First and foremost, let’s be clear: no, we cannot predict your marriage, the greatest love of your life, your divorce or the antics of your bunny boiler, psychotic ex purely by knowing what Sun sign you are. In fact, astrologers cannot actually predict anything, and most reputable ones would never claim to do so. What we can do is to examine the full birth charts of a person or a couple and pinpoint strengths and weaknesses in that partnership, or in that person’s likely future relationships. Birth chart compatibility, done properly, is a painstaking process and involves the skilled analysis of hundreds of different variables – all of the planets, all of the signs, all of the houses, all of the aspects and various other points besides in each chart, and then the comparison and synthesis of these two sets of data into one cohesive whole that is the relationship in question.

Zodiac signs, and compatibility between zodiac signs, is merely a fun but rough and ready guide to potential love matches. The Sun sign is just one part of anyone’s chart – the only reason it is popularly used as a guide to compatibility is that it’s just about the only part of a birth chart which almost everyone knows and doesn’t need to have calculated. Birth chart compatibility as a whole is complex. While it’s true to say that the energies of some star signs work better together than others, all of us have multiple signs strongly represented in our birth charts – just because your Sun sign is Aries doesn’t mean that you don’t also have, for instance, a strong Scorpio. It depends upon your own unique chart.

Going back in history, birth chart compatibility analysis as we know it today was quite rare. Perhaps because women were simply expected to put up with their lot; perhaps because marriage in the distant past was more of a convenience and a survival ploy than a true love match; perhaps because there were simply other pressing concerns for astrology – for whatever reason, little was written about compatibility between zodiac signs or between the wider birth chart, and in the western world synastry wasn’t particularly important. It’s not really until the hippy sixties that we discover birth chart compatibility emerging as an astrology topic in its own right – but the principles on which we base modern astrology are the same principles as are used in natal astrology, predictive astrology and every other branch of astrology. We’re dealing with the same planets, signs and astrological points, but applying our knowledge of those points to a relationship instead of to a business, a career or a future event.

As to how birth chart compatibility works – that’s very similar to asking how astrology as a whole works. We simply don’t know the scientific mechanics of how it works, but practicing astrologers believe that experience has shown that it does. There are a wide variety of theories about how astrology works, ranging from the quite sensible to the rather wacky, but the best way to discover synastry is to learn about your own relationship compatibility. Choose an Astromatcha compatibility report for your current relationship, or ask our astrologer a free compatibility question; browse our Sun sign compatibility articles and see if you recognise yourself in there.

The more you learn and read about this fascinating branch of astrology, there more the lights will come and you’ll start to figure out that yes, it does work, and yes, it does explain a lot about how you relate to others and about how others relate to you. Enjoy your journey into birth chart compatibility – but be warned, it’s addictive! Once you discover how interesting chart comparison can be, you may never look at anyone again without demanding their full birth details first!

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