Cancer Moon Compatibility: Compassionate and Caring

If you were born with the Moon in Cancer, then you truly are a child of the Moon, since the Moon rules Cancer. Moon in Cancer people are extremely caring, nurturing and compassionate, with a desire to parent the rest of the zodiac. Although you’re a very sensitive partner, Cancer Moon compatibility can run into problems if your partner wants a lover rather than a mother!


The Moody Bluescancer-moon-love

With the Moon in Cancer, your moods are very changeable, and you’re more affected than anyone else by the Moon’s monthly journey through the heavens. You can be on top of the world one moment but down in the dumps the next moment, for no apparent reason, so it’s vital in a relationship that your partner can cope with your mood swings and not take things personally when you’re on a downer. Cancer Moon compatibility works best with fairly robust signs who can provide you with an anchor when your emotions and worries get the better of you.

Your immediate reaction to any given situation is an emotional, instinctive one, and you would much rather trust your gut than your logic. Perhaps eight times out of ten, you’re right to do so, and your instincts do serve you well. On those few times when you would have been better served following your head than your heart, you’ll weep and wail and withdraw into yourself, complaining about how unfair life is. Moon in Cancer people don’t take defeat very well, and become very defensive when challenged.


Kindness Personified

For all of your moodiness, however, you are one of the kindest and most compassionate people anyone could ever hope to meet. You’ll do anything for anyone, and you have a huge amount of empathy. Your sweet nature is very attractive to others, but an unscrupulous partner will find you relatively easy to manipulate.

Security of all kinds is emotionally very important to you, and anyone hoping for Cancer Moon compatibility in a relationship with you will need to be sensible and relatively stable. Nowhere is security more important though, than when it comes to your family life. Family is everything to you, and you are a devoted family member at all times. You won’t tolerate your partner being anything less than respectful towards your parents or siblings, but in return you will put up with his family with good grace, no matter how troublesome they are.


cancer-moon-compatibility1Family Matters

Because family is of such prime importance to you, you need a partner who is prepared to agree with you on how to run the home, how to parent and how to work towards family goals. When disagreements arise in these areas, you can be extremely sulky and quite difficult to live with.  It’s vital, however, that you learn to let go of your control over your family as your children grow up. This placing above all others is likely to still be mothering adult children way past the point at which the grown up kids should be leading their own lives. When your children do leave home, you’ll want to turn your nurturing attention onto your partner full time, so he or she should be prepared to take some full on fussing from that point onwards!

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