Aries Moon Compatibility: Radiantly Reckless

If you have an Aries Moon, you probably don’t have time to be reading this! Impatient, constantly on the go, and absolutely full of energy, you’re one of the zodiac’s dynamos – the more you do, the more energy you seem to find.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so when it comes to moon sign compatibility, you can be a little bit “me, me, me”. Selfishness is a typical Arian trait, but most of us forgive you for that because of the sheer strength of your personality. Aries Moon people are charismatic leaders, whether in business or in love, and you certainly turn heads.


From One Extreme to Anotheraries-moon-compatibility

The Moon rules the emotions, so if you have an Aries Moon, you react emotionally in a very quick, impulsive and almost rushed way. You’re great at making decisions, but you make them far too fast, far too often. This goes for your love life too – whether it’s falling in love at first sight and regretting it later, or, at the opposite end of the scale, giving up on a love affair too easily, the Aries Moon in love is reckless, impulsive and without a great deal of patience.

What you lack in patience, however, you more than make up for in passion. People with an Aries Moon are among the most passionate of all lovers. Sex is very important to you on an emotional level as well as a physical one, and you certainly have a strong sex drive. All this Arian passion doesn’t only show itself in your sex life though – along with the steam comes the temper tantrum. When you lose your temper (which you do quite a lot) you can be seriously scary.


A Blend of Masculine and Feminine

The Moon is a feminine energy, while Aries is the masculine warrior of the zodiac. The Aries Moon in love softens some of the aggression of the Aries Sun sign, and adds a spiritual, idealistic nature. Beneath the war-like exterior beats the heart of a true romantic, who loves to court. You may even be charmingly old fashioned when it comes love compatibility. You never force your lover to move faster than he or she wants to, even if your own impatience is sometimes hard to hide. The Aries Moon lover has a great deal of respect for his or her partner, and a chivalrous approach to romance.


aries-moon-loveVolatility Under Control

The combination of the watery Moon and the fire of Aries is a positive one. Water dampens the fire just enough to stop it from burning out of control, and enables you to deal with your emotions positively. When water boils, however, it can be volatile and unstable, and people with an Aries Moon can find that their love lives run the gauntlet from low to high and back again with alarming regularity.

If you can keep your selfishness under control, however, Aries Moon sign compatibility is high with most other signs. Everyone loves your passion and your directness, and even those with gentler Moon signs know that they can rely on you to protect and to honor them. The Aries Moon lover is everyone’s idea of a knight in shining armor!

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