Scorpio and Gemini Compatibility: The Sorcerer and the Communicator

With Scorpio and Gemini compatibility, we see the more tumultuous side of an water/air sign partnership. Not many rainbows and gentle showers for these two – more of a tropical storm with destructive forces at work. This is a relationship which can work, almost in spite of itself, but these two will take potentially a long time to figure one another out.

The differences between the two signs are obvious if we look at their sociability – or lack of it. Private and intense Scorpio is a bit of a loner, but Gemini loves to be surrounded by people. When in love, Scorpio wants couple time ALL the time, while Gemini wants to divide their time between their lover and their friends. However, this can actually work itself out, in a slightly eccentric kind of way. If this couple spend a lot of time apart, then Scorpio and Gemini compatibility has more of a chance. Scorpio gets his or her privacy, while Gemini gets to enjoy a social life – and since they will miss one another when apart, the relationship will be all the more passionate when they are reunited.

Now, passion is something Scorpio knows well. The Sorcerer is possibly the most intense and powerful sign of the zodiac, and does nothing by halves – especially not sexually. Gemini’s ardour is cooler and more aloof, but susceptible to flattery, and having a sultry Scorpio lusting after you is flattering indeed. In the bedroom, Scorpio and Gemini compatibility is exciting and adventurous, although if the relationship is not well established, nervy Gemini can be slightly intimidated by Scorpio’s darker, more kinky side.

It won’t be a quiet relationship. Power struggles are unavoidable with Scorpio, and Gemini compatibility depends upon having a good argument now and then, so this couple will frequently let rip at one another. Although Gemini is used to winning arguments, intense Scorpio can seriously wound with words, and even the light-hearted Communicator of the zodiac will be taken aback by the ferocity sometimes. Gemini/Scorpio compatibility could hit the rocks if Scorpio feels that Gemini isn’t taking the relationship seriously enough, which is likely to be the cause of most arguments.

The other major issue for these two to face is jealousy. With the possible exception of Taurus, no sign is more jealous and possessive than Scorpio – and Gemini is the undeniable flirt of the zodiac. Pit Scorpio’s deep, dark fury against Gemini’s fickleness and gregarious nature and you could have a recipe for disaster. Fortunately for Gemini, the archetypal Communicator will be able to get his or her side of the story across well enough to stave off the worst of Scorpio’s angst. Most of the time. Mostly freedom loving Gemini will be irritated by Scorpio jealousy, but secretly there’s no denying that it’s flattering to the Gemini ego. Hopefully for Scorpio and Gemini compatibility, Gemini will learn quickly not to provoke the Sorcerer’s wrath for fun, however. That is not a wise move.

When these two do understand one another, it’s a deeply loyal relationship, albeit it one which tends to swing from highs to lows. Stability doesn’t really figure into it, but if this couple break up they’ll be quick to make up….before breaking up again. Despite their obvious differences, they do feel drawn to one another. That’s what makes Scorpio and Gemini compatibility so quirky – it’s a constant battle between privacy and public, between angst and indifference, between communication and secrecy. It’s a very fine line for the couple to tread, but many do tread it successfully.

When the relationship works to its best potential, the Gemini partner brings some welcome light relief to the brooding Sorcerer who, despite his or her dark persona, is enchanted by Gemini’s wit and charm. In return, Scorpio shows flighty Gemini the value of determination, staying power and depth. If they use their combined abilities, this partnership can achieve a great deal in life and can offer one another a lot of mutual support and respect. The problem for this complicated couple is getting either side to have the patience to get past the initial teething troubles of the relationship.

If they do, the zodiac’s resident Sorcerer can benefit hugely from having the Communicator’s assistance, and the Communicator will find spice and magic added to their words by the Sorcerer’s expertise. A potent and valuable combination indeed, and something many Gemini/Scorpio compatibility partners will find to be worth fighting for.

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