Libra Man and Virgo Woman

Neighboring signs of the zodiac have a karmic link which means that they can learn a great deal from one another – but that doesn’t always make for the easiest of romances. When it comes to the Libra man and Virgo woman, compatibility is complex, but has potential.


libra-man-virgo-woman-compatibilityA Shared Trust

The one thing that initially draws together the Libra man and the Virgo woman is trust. Although the Libra man falls in love at the drop of a hat, he’s been hurt so many times that when he senses he can trust someone, he’s always doubly interested. The Virgo woman is very discriminating in her choice of men and she too is seeking a partner she can trust. She is extremely perceptive, and will “get” straight away that the Libra man is looking for a serious relationship, not a dalliance, and that she can trust him too. Libra man Virgo woman compatibility flourishes initially because neither partner feels threatened by the other.

This couple’s dates are likely to be highly talkative. The Libra man is charming, sociable and affable, and he puts the initially shy Virgo woman at her ease. Once she feels more confident, she will enjoy talking at great length – she is ruled by Mercury, after all – and this couple can spend hours setting the world to rights. They are both highly intellectual, but Libra man Virgo woman compatibility extends to the physical realm too. Their sex life will be romantic and imaginative, as the Virgo woman brings a great deal of earthy sensuality to the Libra man’s fantasies and idealistic notions.

Neither of these partners have much of a temper, but the first sign of potential trouble for Libra man Virgo woman compatibility comes in the form of the Virgo woman’s tendency to nag. She would prefer to call it help. Either way, she will be constantly full of suggestions as to how the Libra man can improve himself. Often, she does have a point, and her groundedness and practical abilities can really help him to make more of his airy ideas. Sometimes, however, this constant criticism will undermine the sensitive Libra man, making him feel that he’s never good enough, and hurting him deeply.


libra-man-compatibility-virgo-womanTaking the Easy Way Out

To be fair, however, the Libra man does his fair share of infuriating the Virgo woman too. His indecisiveness gets on her nerves, as does his desire to be too sociable for her liking. What really winds her up, however, is his refusal to argue. When there is a problem, the Virgo woman will want to talk it out, at great length; the Libra man will either just agree with her for the sake of a quiet life, or will withdraw, wanting to avoid conflict at all costs. This leaves many issues unresolved and many words unspoken – and if the Libra guy takes the easy way out too often and just agrees instead of voicing his real opinion, he will quickly start to feel resentful. Libra man Virgo woman compatibility depends to a large extent on the Libra man standing his ground. When he does, the couple can have a healthy debate. When he doesn’t, it just stores up problems for the future.

There are a few other niggles, notably about money, which the Libra man likes to spend, while his Virgo woman wants to save, but by and large Libra man Virgo woman compatibility pans out rather nicely. Together, this couple are good blend of creativity and practicality. The Virgo woman belongs to a mutable sign, and will be happy to allow her Libra man to ostensibly take the lead, while she organizes things behind the scenes. There’s no competition between the partners, just mutual support. This can be a very loving relationship indeed if the Virgo woman learns to tone down the nagging and if the Libra man learns to speak up when required. It definitely has potential.

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