Sagittarius Man and Scorpio Woman

A relationship between a Sagittarius man and a Scorpio woman seems unlikely at first glance, given the very large differences between these two signs. However, these two powerful individuals sense a challenge, and neither of them are afraid to take it on.


sagittarius-man-scorpio-woman-compatibilityA Relationship Based on Challenge

For the free spirited Sagittarius man, the Scorpio woman presents something of an enigma. She is difficult to get to know, since she is such a private woman – but that just eggs him on. For the Scorpio woman, the Sagittarius man presents as a man who takes risks – and the Scorpio woman cannot resist taking an emotional risk with him herself, as she likes to run the full gamut of emotional experiences. So far so good; but how will Sagittarius man Scorpio woman compatibility fare once the couple start to get to know each other?

Since the relationship is based on challenge from the outset, the mutual attraction between this pair is likely to evaporate if the relationship becomes too easy. Fortunately for Sagittarius man Scorpio woman compatibility, such a thing is very unlikely! This couple are highly sexually compatible, being a fire/water sign match, and they can create a very steamy sex life where the Scorpio woman’s depths of passion more than match the Sagittarius man’s ardor and fire. Outside the bedroom, however, there are some glaring problems to overcome.

This couple operate on very different levels. The Sagittarius man is very honest, direct and straightforward. What you see is what you get with the Sagittarius guy. Not so with the Scorpio woman – what you see with the Scorpio lady barely scrapes the surface of what’s actually going on with her. She keeps her volatile emotions hidden most of the time and is adept at not showing how she really feels. This will be frustrating and disappointing for the Sagittarius man, and he feels it’s dishonest too. He has a fiery temper, but how can he fight what he cannot see? For Sagittarius man Scorpio woman compatibility, it’s the hidden nature of Scorpio which is one of the biggest challenges of all.


sagittarius-man-compatibility-scorpio-womanJealousy Issues

Another problem is the Scorpio woman’s jealousy – and that’s an emotion that she certainly won’t keep hidden. She absolutely will not tolerate infidelity on the part of her Sagittarius man – but nobody told him that. He is not the most naturally faithful of signs, although he is very kind and tries not to hurt anyone with his infidelity (not possible, of course, but he tries). He will not understand the depth of the Scorpio woman’s jealousy and he will come to resent any restrictions she tries to place on his freedoms. Sagittarius man Scorpio woman compatibility will have to face many such jealous tantrums before they find a way to navigate this tricky issue.

That’s not to say that the couple cannot find a way through the difficulties, eventually. The Sagittarius man belongs to a highly adaptable, flexible, mutable sign, and he may be willing to change if he is sufficiently in love with his enigmatic Scorpio woman. Remember, however, that the main thing keeping this couple together in the first place is the element of danger and of challenge. If the Sagittarius were suddenly to become a meek and mild house husband, Sagittarius man and Scorpio woman compatibility would evaporate overnight. So it’s a very tricky balance, finding some element of compromise, but not too much.

It can work where the couple are genuinely in love, and when it does they will stay fascinated by each other for a lifetime – but for many couples, Sagittarius man Scorpio woman compatibility is just too much hard work for too little result.

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