5 Secrets to Loving an Aries

What are the secrets to keeping an Aries happy in love? If you’ve got a hot headed, fiery, passionate Aries on your hands, read on to find five easy and free Sun sign compatibility tips. Aries will thank you if you get these right, so pay attention!

1 – Keep It Fresh and New

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac for a reason. They just have to be first at everything, and they have little patience for the tried and tested. If you’re in love with an Aries, you’ll need to do everything in your power to keep coming up with fresh and exciting ways to love. Staving off anything boring is vital for compatibility – Aries just can’t cope with stale relationships. Brainstorm new ways to spend your time together, new places to go to, new mutual friendships you can explore. If you can come up with a stream of things Aries has never tried before, you’ll capture his or her heart for good.

2 – Don’t Take the Temper Tantrums Personally

Aries is a fire sign, impatient and volatile and with a temper which can make other mere mortals run for cover. When Aries is angry, everyone knows it. However, the good news is that his or her anger will fade almost as quickly as it arises. It’s just the Aries way of letting off stem. He or she has no concept of how hurtful things said in temper might be to you, so the best thing is to learn not to take it personally – because it’s not meant that way. Compatibility, Aries style, means turning the other cheek. Often.

3 – Take Risks

Aries loves exciting, ever so slightly edgy sex – perhaps in exotic places, or where you might be caught. If you’re in love with this hot, hot, hot individual, you’ve got to be prepared to take a few risks in your love life. Ring the changes and bring a frisson of excitement to your encounters, and lots of spontaneity. Expecting your love life to stick to a schedule is just about the worst thing you can do for your compatibility. Aries definitely needs an open minded and adventurous partner.

4 – Show, Don’t Tell

The best way to communicate with your Aries lover is to be very visual. Grab his or her attention with big, grand gestures when you’re talking. If you want to persuade your Aries to do something, give him or her something to experience which gets your point across – mere words simply won’t do. Get the Aries actively engaged and you’re onto a winner. Just talk at him or her and they’ll quickly lose interest. A constant stream of experiences will do wonders for your togetherness and compatibility; Aries blossoms when you know how to get and keep his or her attention. This goes for flirting too, by the way – if you want to catch the eye of an Aries, revealing clothing never fails.

5 – Let Aries Play the Hero

Essentially a warrior hero or heroine at heart, Aries absolutely loves to protect. Show your own soft and vulnerable side and let Aries protect you. Even though you’re no doubt perfectly capable of looking after yourself, play helpless once in a while – this is an easy way to boost your compatibility –  Aries is a brave and fearless sign which loves a partner who’s not afraid to show a certain amount of neediness.

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