Leo Man and Scorpio Woman

The relationship between a Leo man and a Scorpio woman is a powerful and intense one, punctuated by great highs and great lows. In their own ways, these are two of the strongest individuals in the zodiac, so this is never going to be a peaceful, event-free love affair, but can Leo man Scorpio woman compatibility sustain this couple through a lifetime together?


leo-man-scorpio-woman-compatibilityChemistry and Magnetism

The first thing to note between the Leo man and the Scorpio woman is a huge amount of chemistry and magnetic attraction. Sexually, as a fire sign and water sign match, these two are highly compatible, and create a steamy match in the bedroom, with great passion as well as a surprising level of tenderness. It’s in their everyday lives, beyond their sex lives, however, where for the Leo man and Scorpio woman, compatibility can be a hard won thing.

The Leo man is a very proud and egotistical individual, and he wants a woman who will absolutely adore him. The Scorpio woman is a deeply emotional woman but she would never stoop to flattery or ego massage, and as such she fails to provide this overt support that her partner seeks. She in turn seeks a partner who is not afraid to explore the emotional depths and who can journey with her through her moods, sometimes visiting some pretty dark places. The Leo man, ruled by the Sun, can’t be doing with all that. He wants to bring love and light and laughter to his world, and he can’t understand that for the Scorpio woman, this isn’t enough. This couple sees the world through very different emotional filters, and for that reason Leo man Scorpio woman compatibility is always going to be slightly edgy and unstable.


leo-man-compatibility-scorpio-womanHeaven or Hell

Given that the Leo man has a roaring temper and the Scorpio woman can be vengeful and spiteful when provoked, their relationship is punctuated by great drama. Whether they’re on top of the world or locked in their own private hell, it’s never just OK. Part of the problem is that the Leo man is used to being the boss, but the Scorpio woman is also used to getting her own way. She cannot win an outright fight with her bossy, autocratic man – but she can win by subtly manipulating him, and when he finds out what’s going on, he’ll be furious. Leo man Scorpio woman compatibility is very much a match of equals, and to be honest, neither partner deals well with that.

Both Leo and Scorpio are fixed signs, which tells us that neither member of this partnership will want to be the first to give way. There is another very strong similarity too – although Leo is a fire sign and Scorpio is a water sign, Scorpio’s historic ruling planet was Mars, bringer of fire and war – so the Scorpio woman has fire traits in her personality too, which helps to explain why this relationship is so tempestuous and so full on. It’s like a mix of fire and fire, with the added complication of some extremely emotional watery depths. For the Leo man and Scorpio woman, this dramatic relationship could well turn out to be unfathomable. They don’t seem to be able to get along together – but nor do they want to be apart.

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