5 Tips for Keeping Your Scorpio Lover Happy

Scorpio has a strong, sexy and sometimes quite sinister reputation as a star sign, but in love compatibility, Scorpio is actually rather misunderstood. Love compatibility signs are only a general guide to your relationship – for a full insight, you should consider an Astromatcha compatibility report based on your full birth chart – but here we can offer a quick and simple guide to understanding your Scorpio partner.

1 – Ride the Emotional Rollercoaster

Scorpio is an exceptionally emotional sign, hitting both the highs and the lows of emotions with scary regularity. To maintain compatibility, Scorpio needs you to go along for the ride. If you’re an emotional person too, that should be pretty easy, if potentially prone to chaos – but if you’re more controlled and logical about things you might find it hard to open up to the depths Scorpio requires. Don’t shy away from your emotions. You owe it to your Scorpio lover to at least try to understand where he or she is coming from, and that means listening to your own heart too. It’s not so hard to be honest about your feelings – is it?

2 – Enjoy the Power Games

As a very controlling sign, Scorpio has lifelong issues with power. Ruled by Pluto, the planet of power and transformation, your Scorpio partner loves to dominate but can be quite scheming in how they get hold of that power in the first place. Translate this into the bedroom in order to increase sexual compatibility. Scorpio has a very high sex drive, but will love to try bondage or other sexy power play games once you know each other well enough. Channel that need for control into something positive and before you know it, you’ll be enjoying the power trip too.

3 – Don’t Dig too Deep

This is another of Scorpio’s paradoxes and contradictions. He or she will want to know absolutely everything about you, including your deepest and darkest secrets – but will give away very little in return. The more you dig, the more Scorpio will retreat and hold onto his or her intimate depths. The solution is simple – stop digging. Building trust between you will help to build your compatibility. Scorpio will learn to trust that you won’t pry information from him or her – and will eventually volunteer more and more information to you. Until such time, respect his or her privacy.

4 – Assert your Independence….Carefully

If you’re a sociable, flirtatious person, you’ve probably already discovered that your Scorpio lover gets very, very jealous and frighteningly possessive at times. The easiest thing in the world would be to give in and to remain at Scorpio’s side at all times, but that wouldn’t be healthy for you, or indeed for your partner in the long run. Gently insist on your independence and on your freedom to be yourself. Once Scorpio figures out that you don’t mean any harm by smiling at someone else, he or she will start to loosen that grip on you, and then you can both relax. Compatibility Scorpio style means reaching a compromise over freedom and control.

5 – Give Scorpio No Reason to Hate You

You really, really don’t want to pick a fight with Scorpio. Your Scorpio lover can be extremely spiteful and vengeful when wronged, yet will be your staunchest ally while you are together. The stereotypical scorned lover is nothing compared to a newly single Scorpio who didn’t want to be newly single. Loving a Scorpio means you’ll have to work almost constantly on your compatibility; Scorpio, however, will reward you by working just as hard and being surprisingly open to compromise once he or she realises just how much in love you both are.

Above all, remember that if you see love compatibility signs between you and your Scorpio lover, it really doesn’t matter what Sun signs you both have – astrology compatibility is much more complex than Sun signs alone, so go for it!

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