Capricorn Moon Compatibility: Cautious Connection

If you were born with the Moon in Capricorn, your emotions are by and large well controlled and disciplined, just as the serious and sober Capricorn energy might suggest. In love you are a highly practical and responsible person, and your primary concern is providing for your lover and for your family in the best way you can. Not given to emotional outbursts, you are cool, calm and generally in control.


Confidence Wobblescapricorn-moon-compatibility

Beneath your business-like exterior, however, it can be a very different story. Capricorn Moon compatibility depends upon you finding a partner who can see through your tough outer shell into the surprisingly sensitive hidden you. You are not the most confident of people and your self-confidence tends to be most wobbly of all in relationship, especially when you’re single or in the early stages of dating. You are usually a very well organized person – in your career, for instance – and it’s the very fact that you can’t control or organize your emotions which makes you quite reserved and cautious in love. You are scared of being hurt, and as a result you can be too self-protective, finding it hard to open up to a lover.


Learning to Share

Sharing emotionally isn’t high on the Moon in Capricorn person’s agenda. Sharing materially – sure, you’ve worked hard for your success and you’re very happy to share your wealth with your friends and loved ones. However, you rarely talk about your emotions, preferring to keep them bottled up inside. This can lead to repression, and can also give the unfortunate impression, to those who don’t know you well, that you are rather cold and aloof. For greater Capricorn Moon compatibility, it’s essential that you learn the value of talking about your feelings. When you can share how you feel with others, hurts will seem less extreme and you will find yourself better able to cope with your strong emotions, aided and supported by your loved ones and partner.


capricorn-moon-loveSense and Sensibility

You crave a secure and stable home life, and you will work yourself into the ground in order to ensure that your partner and your children are cared for materially. You might however find that you lack enough time to spend on your love life. Simply creating more time for your partner and yourself will help to increase your levels of intimacy, and will in turn strengthen your relationship confidence. You do love, and very deeply indeed, but sometimes you need to make more of an effort to show your partner how much you really do care. Capricorn Moon compatibility may never get off the ground with a highly demanding partner, but a patient and tolerant partner will find you to be among the most genuine, sincere and hard working people around. You’re not interested in fly by night affairs – Capricorn Moon compatibility is always a long term thing – and when you do find the right person you will be keen to make a serious commitment so that you can build up your joint feelings of security.


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