Cancer and Aries Compatibility: The Homemaker and the Hero

According to their mythological archetypes, this couple ought to be well matched. Aries can play the hero and go out conquering life, while Cancer stays in the background and provides a welcoming base for the hero to return to. Generations ago, that would probably have worked well, but these days the enlightened Cancer of either gender is not always content to play second fiddle. Cancer and Aries compatibility works in a traditional kind of way, but that depends on both partners’ full birth charts being in to this kind of relationship.

This is a water and fire star sign combination. What happens when you add water to fire? You get steam, and this relationship can certainly be both sensual and steamy, with lots of passion from Aries and lots of tenderness from Cancer. However, beyond the bedroom, brash and bold Aries can easily dominate gentle Cancer. Foolish is the Aries partner who tries to take advantage of this perceived weakness in Cancer, though – because Cancer has very sharp pincers when threatened and can easily wound with words when Aries oversteps the mark. For Cancer and Aries, compatibility depends on the peace being largely kept – not always an easy task.

Given the cardinal, action-driven natures of both Aries and Cancer, compatibility will at least be worked on by this couple, with neither giving up on the relationship easily. That’s a strong plus point and gives this partnership a tenacity which some other fire-water combinations lack. Another factor in their favour is that both of these zodiac signs are known for being fiercely protective of loved ones. This is the kind of couple who will fight each other openly, but will defend each other ferociously against anyone else. There is a strong shared bond, definitely, but Cancer and Aries compatibility can be at risk if either Cancer’s moodiness or Aries’ bossiness become too much for the other to bear.

Where the couple can take time to listen to one another and really understand each other’s points of view, there is more promise. Cancer has a knack of seeing the insecurity beneath Aries’ outward confidence, and Aries can, when they choose, be very considerate of Cancer’s sensitivities. It’s very easy for both signs to fall back into instinctive patterns of behaviour, however, which will hurt each other in the long term. Cancer and Aries compatibility sizzles in the short term, but over a lifetime it requires a balance of power in the relationship. Although you might think that Aries is the stronger sign, Cancer actually holds the emotional power here, and will sulk or withdraw from Aries when the going gets tough.

Going back to the mythological archetypes of this couple, it’s hard to imagine the conquering hero being held back by his wife fussing over whether he’s wearing clean underwear or not – but this is exactly the kind of possessiveness and worry from Cancer which can suffocate Aries. For Cancer and Aries compatibility to work to its full potential, Cancer must learn to give Aries some space. In return, Aries must learn to tread gently around Cancer and to save tempers and rants for people who deserve them. If these kinds of lessons are not taken on board by both Aries and Cancer, compatibility will suffer as a result.

Apart from steam, there are other possible outcomes for star sign compatibility when fire and water meet. Water can put out fire completely, and Cancer’s sometimes overly sensitive nature can completely drain the enthusiasm and vigour from Aries. Alternatively, fire can make water boil dry, and Aries constant in-your-face attitude can leave Cancer emotionally exhausted. Will the hero return to a happy home, or will the homemaker have upped sticks and gone off with a contender who knows how to appreciate his or her sensitivities? The jury’s out on this Cancer and Aries compatibility match.

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  1. yes its true whatever is written above.I am an aries woman in love with a cancer man since past 4 yrs.Although the bonding between us is very strong but at some points we never agree which causes a fight.But at the end of the day i can’t stop loving my cancer.He is the best.

    • I’m with you I’m in love with a cancer man myself but he don’t seem to want to settle he keeps giving of confusing vibes like he want me one minute and than don’t want to be around me the next I feel a strong connection between us but I just don’t know and plus he still keep in contact with his past friends (females). It’s not settling right with me. How did your relationship start?

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